Friday, 22 Sep 2023

Race against time: Little Leni (2) seeks your life-saver

The DKMS in Germany is urgently seeking a stem cell donor for the terminally ill, Leni. The 2-Year-old is suffering from blood cancer and urgently needs a donor.

Leni’s mother Tatjana is completely desperate. "It is difficult to have this helplessness and the great care bear. Her big sister Mia is not allowed to visit, unfortunately in the hospital and not understand all of this. We have spoken with her about the death, but is for a 6-Year-old is not tangible. A normal family life since the terrible diagnosis of is not possible. And for us, it is tearing the Herz", she is quoted as saying in the post.

Tatjana told that Lena’s favorite place in the hospital is the window. If you see there a at the hospital of the incoming rescue helicopter, it is completely out of the house and calls out: "Mama, fly, fly, fly."

The DKMS Germany is now looking desperately for a donor is a race against time. Anyone who is between 17 and 55 years old, is physically fit and lives in Germany, will be asked to register as a donor. Who wants to help the small Leni, you can register here as a possible donor.