Friday, 22 Sep 2023

Pregnant initiated, despite the anti-baby pill: recall of popular contraceptives

Recall the Anti-Baby-pill drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol the Drug-manufacturer “Apotex Corporation”

Currently, the US health authority FDA warns for the Monitoring of food right in front of two contraceptive pills with different batches. The manufacturer has initiated a recall in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Important recall initiated

Fast, safe and convenient: Many women rely on hormonal contraceptive methods. No wonder – the anti-baby pill in the proper use and application normally, for reliable protection against pregnancy. However, this recall should be observed!

Unsafe method of contraception due to manufacturer error

The US FDA for the Monitoring of food recalls currently batches of anti-baby pills. It unwanted pregnancies can be done, because the effect may be diminished. Are affected four batches of drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol the manufacturer “Apotex Corporation,” as the platform for health “” reported. According to the health authority, the pills were arranged incorrectly. In some pill packaging only empty blister packs were also included covers. Thus it may happen that the patient take a pill, and thereby an unwanted pregnancy due to Non-prevention effect.

According to the U.S. authorities, such a case had not occurred yet. However, women on the pill or are already not sure if you skipped a pill, your doctor, or at least to the doctor. In the local pharmacy also, the product can be returned.

Against reimbursement of the purchase price or a new package to another Batch. The company “Apotex Corporation,” writes on her Website: “people should not apply their therapy to interrupt a non-hormonal method for the prevention of births, your doctor to receive medical Council, and the affected packages to their pharmacist”.

Side effects of anti baby pills

Taking the pill is always-regardless of the recall with the side effects associated with it. So the hormone preparation can lead to weight gain, and headaches. It is also known that anti-baby, a high thrombosis pills risk. The pill is a hormonal method of contraception, which may have consequences for the Psyche of the users. (sb)