Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023

Okay, Today Is The Day You Should Buy That Air Fryer On Amazon

The only thing better than a great sale on an air fryer is a great sale on several air fryers at once. Apparently Amazon knows what’s up, because they’ve got four air fryers on sale today as part of their Deals of the Day promo.

The main one I’ve got my eye on is the Modernhome Digital Air Fryer, which is 30 percent off at $118.99 (that’s $51 of savings!). This fryer is a seven-quart machine, so it can fry up a bunch of food at once (hello, party snacks).

This machine comes with an auto-stirring “arm” that gently mixes your food as it cooks to give you even results (so no fries that are crispy on one side and soggy on the other). It also reaches up to 400 degrees in seconds by using hot hair and rapidly-circulating fans to make your foods nice and crispy. You can even use it to bake, roast, fry, and grill meats, breakfasts, desserts, and veggies faster than a traditional oven or convection oven.

This model comes with seven presets, so you can cook up chicken, seafood, fries, etc., with a touch of a button. It also includes a recipe book and one-year warranty. People are all about it in the reviews.This is amazing!” one person wrote, before raving about the kebabs and pie they made with it. “The food was incredible, texture was a crispy finish with a tender moist center,” another raved. “I can literally come home from work and have a hot meal ready to eat within 20-25 minutes while getting changed. Way faster than an oven,” someone else said.

If that seems a little too big for your needs, or you want something with a lower price point, Modernhome has other air fryers on sale right now including:

If you’ve been thinking about buying an air fryer, but have been on the fence, seriously—it’s go time.

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