Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023

No-Deal-Brexit: researchers fear 12.400 deaths

Whether with or without a Deal – the Brexit will have a major impact on the nutrition and thus the health of the British. In any case, a study of the faculty of medicine at Imperial College London suggests.

At the heart of the modelled investigation is the question of how the Britain to leave the EU in the fruit and vegetable prices, the impact and thus on the health of the population. The study by playing four possible Brexit-scenarios and shows how the costs for imported fruit and vegetables will in the future attract. As a result, the consumption would go back. And that would, in turn, the number of cardiovascular diseases are on the rise.

Worst of all, the British population would, therefore, a so-called No-Deal-Brexit. For this scenario, the scientists predict online in the journal BMJ Open, that the consumption of fruit and vegetables is likely to reach 11.5 percent. With the consequence that there could be between 2021 and 2030 according to the projections 12.400 additional fatal cardiovascular incidents and strokes. The author of the study Paraskevi Seferidi calls on the government of the country, therefore, in the current economic negotiations and during the following Post-Brexit plans to weigh the health consequences for the British “carefully”.