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More Guns?: Why it is easier for men to lose weight

Anyone who wants to in the long term, lose weight, must pay attention to both a healthy diet as well as a sufficient amount of exercise.

In spite of a strict Plan, it is, nevertheless, some people more difficult to get your dream figure or to maintain simply current weight.

Blame, among other things, the genetic, Vera mounts and basic conditions, which vary from body to body.

The gender will affect the slimming process

A crucial factor is the gender. What was suspected has now been confirmed by the results of a study: men lose weight easier than women.

Within the study, which was published in the journal ‘Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism’, accompanied the scientists about eight weeks, about 2,000 people.

All the subjects suffered from pre-Diabetes the glucose levels in the blood are increased, but no Diabetes yet and followed over the period of the same, very low-calorie diet.

Your daily food intake limited to 800 calories, most of which were recorded in liquid Form soups and Shakes or low-calorie vegetables.

Men benefit from a diet more than women

According to the study, 35 percent of the participants had a normal blood sugar level and is no longer considered pre-diabetic.

However, the men had benefited a total of more of the diet they lost on average around 12 pounds, while the women, on average, only 10 pounds.

In addition, the male subjects improved health and fat characteristics, such as a lower heart rate, and a lower percentage of body could produce.

Greater muscle mass due to testosterone

This advantage is generated by the different sex hormones, which are formed from the beginning of the puberty in the body.

In women the production of Estrogen begins with puberty, which especially around the hips and more fat is accumulated, which would be needed in case of a possible pregnancy.

In men it is testosterone, which helps you, among other things, to build muscle mass. And, in turn, helps to burn, even in sleep mode more calories.

Men can therefore absorb more energy from food, without affecting your figure.

In order to keep the weight, can men eat, for example, an average of 2,200 calories, while women only 2,000. To lose weight, men should limit intake to an average of 1,700 calories, and women 1,500.

The body breaks down aged muscles

Apart from the hormones, it makes the advancing age of both sexes, not just easier to lose weight. Already of 25, the body begins to breakdown with the muscle.

“When we start to age, we lose three to eight percent of muscle mass,” says nutrition specialist Lisa Martich in an Interview with the ‘today’.

Since women generally have smaller reserves of muscle mass, any effect of this loss more than men. The body burns less calories, fat deposits cells to degrade faster.

The breakdown of muscle counteract

Fortunately, this muscle can be used to prevent removal by a healthy combination of regular workouts and adequate protein intake.

Also, women should be trusted and to resort to more heavy Weights. Because motor sport can help in the reduction of body fat percentage over a longer period of time to maintain.

In addition, a larger muscle mass, strengthens other aspects of the General health. The blood pressure drops, the sleep will get better and depression can be alleviated.

Therefore, Continuously on the Ball, both on the diet as well as to the goals of the training and not from the advances of other persons from the finish. Everyone’s body works differently.


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