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Middle ear inflammation due to pacifier-Sucking

Pacifier-Nuckelei is inflammation a risk factor for painful ear

Ear infections are one of the most common diseases in babies and small children. In most cases, the disease occurs in connection with a cold, flu, strep throat or a similar infection. But there is even more risk factors. One of them is known to only a few: pacifier-Sucking.

One of the most common diseases in young children

Many children are diagnosed up to the age of three years, at least one of an acute middle ear inflammation (acute Otitis media). This usually goes hand in hand with complaints of sharp ear pain, fever, and bad Hearing. “In General, an acute inflammation of the middle ear occurs in connection with a cold, flu, strep throat or a similar infection,” explains the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (IQWIG) on the Portal “”. But there is more – more lesser-known risk factors.

Ear infections in small children usually does not prevent. However, the risk can be reduced by individual measures. (Photo: leading professionals such as/

Small children are more vulnerable

In the case of a middle ear inflammation viruses or bacteria invade the throat and cause the mucous membranes to inflame, and more liquid form.

According to the experts, the mucous membranes in the ear and in the connecting passage between the middle ear and throat, the “Eustachian tube” or “Tube swell up in consequence of”,.

The Secretions from the Tube and the middle ear cannot drain, it accumulates in the middle ear and pushes the eardrum. This can cause pain and interfere with Hearing.

Since the tubes of the Tube is in the case of babies and small children are still very fine and short, can spread pathogens from the nose and throat easily up in the middle ear, which is why the Small also have high inflammatory susceptibility.

But: “After the seventh age of middle-ear inflammation is less likely, because the Tube and the immune system have evolved,” writes the IQWIG.

Disease risk reduce

Prevent the middle ear to not let inflammation usually. However, the risk can be reduced by individual measures.

As the experts explain in their website, you should give children is less common, a pacifier, because those who use them frequently, get a little more ear infections than others.

The experts pointed out that this could be related to the fact that Sucking on a pacifier, the pressure conditions in the area of the throat and the ears changed. In addition, can be transferred via pacifier infections.

In addition, children should grow up in a smoke-free environment.

Because it has long been known that passive Smoking is more likely to inflammation of the middle ear, as the Smoke increases the risk for infections of the respiratory tract, and the nasopharyngeal space, and the immune system of the child weakens.

Also, vaccination against pneumococcus, as well as the frequent Chewing of Xylitol chewing gum to reduce, apparently, the risk of ignition.

Inflammation heals quickly

When it comes to a disease, should not make parents Worry too much. Typically, a middle ear inflammation heals within two to three days.

A pain-relieving, fever-lowering treatment, and a lot of attention from the rich. Onion bags and other home remedies for middle ear inflammation can also contribute to relief.

Mostly it is advised by health experts to treat an ear infection quickly. If nothing happens, a loss of hearing threatening in the worst case. (ad)