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Mascarpone cheese and toast the bread: a researcher discovered the best squad

It is Germany’s hottest research project. A nutrition scientist from the Fulda University of applied Sciences investigated the question of how the sharpness of the irritation of Chili at best can be neutralized. Landed Désirée Schneider finally, in the case of knowledge: The combination of Mascarpone cheese on non-toasted toast bread deletes most of the felt surface is fire in the mouth and throat on effect.

"Until we have that figured out, had to be my subjects and I but pretty leiden", the 29-Year-old explains after numerous Tests and tastings. For Schneider, the research project also had a negative connotation: her doctoral work is completed, but the desire for spicy food is your past. "I’ve been working with pure Capsaicin. The hat's drove me out of it. Since it came to violent coughing and skin irritation." Capsaicin, the substance, of the chillies and peppers is so immensely sharp.

In the heat, spicy currywurst sauce tested

TV presenter, Stefan Mross can sing a song about it – after his Chili-shock. The folk singer had suffered in August during a live broadcast a weakness of the case, after he had tested the sauces in the heat, spicy curry sausage. He was taken to the hospital and was not able to present the Show to the end.

As bad as it was at the Fulda researcher. But chilli has got it all. "It is the sharpest food is überhaupt", Schneider explains. After the bite in a Pod – "Jalapeno and Habanero are the schärfsten" – the contained Capsaicin binds to the pain receptors and leads to intense Burning. "If sharp products to be tasted, dominated for a long time, this Empfinden", Ingrid Seuß-Baum, Professor of food technology at the University of Fulda.

Three And A Half Years Of Research Work

There is, as yet, little systematic investigation to explore the phenomenon, said Seuß-Baum. And so far, only insufficiently effective neutralizing agents were available. Sensory methods, such as the Taste, as an Instrument of quality assurance, but are important in the industry. "Therefore, an effective neutralization of the tasting sharp products in product development and quality control of large Bedeutung&quot has;, Schneider explained the purpose of their three and a half years of research work. On literature you came across from Asia and Mexico, due to the Ess and Würzgewohnheiten.

In practice, professionals like Christoph Sippel have resorted so far to dairy products such as cottage cheese or yogurt, to get sharpness in Tests in the handle. The food chemist is the Deputy Chairman of the sensory Committee of the DLG. The Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft carries out quality control for the food industry. For Sippel the sharpness in taste tests is a Problem. Therefore, the research result from Fulda was very interesting for the industry: "Mascarpone on Toast – we’ll try that."

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Nestlé shows interest

Nestlé, as one of the world’s largest food corporations are taking an interest in the results of Fulda. "That Mascarpone mellows because of its fat content, the sharpness, I can well imagine. This is certainly an effective solution for products of high Chili Schärfe", sensors expert, Helge Fritsch from the Nestlé Product Technology Centre (PTC) in Singen (Baden-Württemberg). So far, yogurt, milk and cottage cheese as a sharpness-neutralizing known. "We use our sensory Tests for the neutralization of white often bread, which is with respect to the sharpness grade of our products."

Test: to take In water of a solution of Capsaicin and rate

The subjects had to take the Tests at the University of applied Sciences Fulda dissolved in water, Capsaicin, and then rate, which means the sharpness of temper at best. The most effective toast were slices with Mascarpone. "The Capsaicin is fat-soluble, and the toast is rubbing the sharpness of a tongue scraper of the receptors on the Zunge", explains Schneider. Generally, fat, starch and sugar sharpness of temper. So also with sugar and sweetened condensed milk help. Or, if less effective, sweet lemonade. Important that no water be just. The spread of the sharpness only, say the experts.