Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Many have dangerous anomalies: the woman lives 99 years, with organs on the wrong side

Rose Marie Bentley was 99 years old. This is not totally unusual. In the case of the US-American. Because their bodies are sitting at completely the wrong Places.

The American Rose Marie Bentley was 99 years old – although many of her organs were on the wrong side of her body. Only after her death discovered doctors the full extent of this feature, because the old lady had made her body available to science, such as the American Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) announced. "I knew that something was going on. But we needed a while to figure out how you built war", the anatomy lecturer, Cam Walker, dissected in the spring of 2018, together with his students, Bentleys body remembers.

Bentley’s unusual body structure is in professional circles as Situs inversus with Lävokardie known. Your liver, your stomach and other internal organs were on the left instead of the right side of the body. Her heart beat – like most people – on the left side of her chest.

Bentley did not realize that may even

According to OHSU, such a case occurs for only one of 22,000 newborns. Many of those Affected suffer from life-threatening heart disease or other anomalies. The doctors assume that Bentley is the oldest known Person could have been with this special Organ.

In the process, Bentley knew, possibly even nothing, of their particularity, said their members, according to OHSU. She had not been removed in the course of life of three bodies. But only the surgeon who is said to have once taken your Appendix, have noted the unusual situation in writing.

Bentley’s daughter, Louise Avenue believes that her mother would have been so happy about the great deal of attention after her death. "My mother would be totally cool finden", Allee said. "To know that she was different and survived, would you, a wide Smile on the face of zaubern", Allee said.