Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Large honey-Check: Every fourth is flawed – it’s a discount product is the test winner – Video

A good honey can be neither of the variety at the origin and not on price detect. This is the conclusion of the experts of Stiftung Warentest, after a Test of 36 Honeys. The results are sobering: Seven of the tested honeys fell through completely.

Around 1 Kilo of honey so much, nibbling on every German in the course of a year. However, not every variant of sweet bread spreads, meets all of the quality characteristics, the German honey regulation. The Stiftung Warentest, took over 36 brands of different varieties of honey under the microscope.

In the investigation of heat played, for example, damage, the Pollen and the amount of water and the proper degree of maturity, an important role. The price say about the quality of Honey nothing to do, also some discount products received in the Test, a good rating: The best of mixed flowers honey cut “honey, with creamy coating” of nectar source, and the “Creamy blossom honey coating of the Lidl” own brand Maribel with a good rating of 2.0.

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Deficient: Seven varieties by fall

A total of seven products failed in the Test with the rating “poor”. Five of them have been heated too much:

  • Allos: “acacia honey sweet mild”
  • Organic Central: “acacia honey sweet mild”
  • DM Bio: “acacia honey is mild and lovely”
  • Nature Bio (Penny brand): “acacia honey liquid”
  • Bihophar: “wild flower honey from Portugal”

This is prohibited according to the German honey regulation, because the activity of the heat-sensitive enzyme Invertase decreases. This is considered to be a measure of naturalness, and therefore gives information on the gentle treatment of the honey.

According to the pollen analysis of honey all come from suppliers from abroad. Since the honey harvest and production of often different than in Germany, that could be a reason for the lack of quality characteristics.

The entire test results of the 36 varieties of honey in the current issue of the Foundation goods test.