Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Kaley Cuoco Honored Her Friend with a Rare Skin Disorder on The Big Bang Theory: ‘I Couldn’t Love Him More’

One big fan of the Big Bang Theory got a special shout-out during last night’s episode, all thanks to Kaley Cuoco.

The actress, 33, dedicated Thursday night’s antepenultimate episode to Isaiah Zarate, a friend of Cuoco’s who has a rare, genetic skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa.

“Tonight’s NEW episode @bigbangtheory_cbs is in honor of my sensational friend Isaiah @redguy29!” she wrote on Instagram, along with photos with Zarate on set. “He has sat in the front row of our audience for the entire run of season 12. He suffers from @ebmrf, yet when I look into the crowd, he always has the biggest smile on his face.”

Cuoco said that Zarate is her “inspiration.”

“He has become quite a key player here at BBT and I couldn’t love him more,” she said. “Isaiah, thank you for always reminding me how a smile can change an entire day. You are an inspiration and I will fight with you to find a cure!!”

Unfortunately, there is no cure or consistent treatment for epidermolysis bullosa. The condition is actually a group of rare skin diseases, according to the Mayo Clinic, that cause blisters all over the body. Even the smallest of injuries, like scratching or rubbing the skin, can lead to the blisters. The only treatment is to care for the blisters until they heal.

Cuoco is closely involved with the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, and helps the foundation raise money each year at their annual banquet. She also brings Zarate to the set whenever she can.

“My buddy @zarateisaiah came to visit me again @bigbangtheory_cbs ! Adore him! ? #ebkids #findacure ?,” she posted in April 2017.

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