Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

In the Winter, more poisoning threaten by carbon monoxide

Danger from gas water heaters, Oil heaters and wood-burning stoves

This year, 72 people have already suffered a carbon monoxide poisoning, five people in the breath ended in a poison deadly. An elderly couple from the Oberfalz died recently and unexpectedly, by the color, smell and tasteless Gas in the own four walls. Also when it comes to such incidents, most of the people about this danger. An expert from the fire brigade clarifies the “silent killer”.

Hartmut Ziebs is the President of the German firefighters Association (DFV). He and his colleagues are often confronted with carbon monoxide poisoning. In the newly established “Initiative for the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning” want to educate professionals such as Ziebs about this rather unknown but not rare in danger.

Unknown danger, in the own four walls

“Carbon monoxide is a health risk is barely known,” says Ziebs in a press release on the new Initiative. Most people would not even know where the Gas comes from or how it arises. The triggers are often much closer than you think. According to Ziebs technical Defects or clogged are often pipes from gas water heaters, Oil heaters or wood-burning stoves Exhaust out the cause of a life-threatening CO poisoning. For this reason alone, a regular heating maintenance is essential.

A hundred percent security, there is not

“But even if all precautions have been taken as one hundred percent safety does not exist”, emphasizes the expert. In the case of the breath could be tracked down venom, only with a CO detector reliably monitors the CO Concentration in the room air. Ziebs recommends such detectors in living and sleeping rooms and in rooms in which fuel-powered devices, such as, for example, a gas boiler are installed.

When an Alarm is first to leave the house

“If a CO detector Alarm is triggered or there is a suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, you should respond quickly and immediately leave the house,” says fire expert. After this, you should call the emergency number 112 for the fire brigade to help.

Where are the poisoning risks?

As Ziebs know, the majority of CO-intoxications in the cold Season. The most common poisoning herd were insufficient hermen maintained or defective guest, heating systems or exhaust back pressure in a clogged exhaust pipe or chimney. In addition, the improper use of heaters or Grills in enclosed areas represent a source of danger. Ironically, according to Ziebs just modern houses. Because in well-insulated residential could, in spaces with air-tight Windows, the carbon monoxide concentration faster accumulate. Add to this the Trend to wood-burning stoves and Ethanol burners, one of which is an additional risk to go out.

So you protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning

According to the Initiative for the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning in wear the following protective measures against the respiratory poison:

  • Heaters, gas water heaters and continuous flow water heaters can be regularly maintained.
  • A chimney sweep should carry out a regular inspection.
  • Never charcoal grills or patio heaters in apartment or Garage.
  • In the kitchen hoods instead of the exhaust air circulating air use hoods.
  • Gas water heater and exhaust hood operated at the same time.
  • Approved carbon monoxide detectors in house install.