Thursday, 8 Jun 2023

How to deal with post-bank holiday anxiety

‘It might be social, it might be that you just love your work, it might be that you have your routine back. Connect to what it is you are looking forward to and focus on the fact that you get to do that again – turn the anxiety into excitement.’

But if you don’t love you job, what then? The anxiety of returning to an environment where you’re not entirely happy is more than enough to derail a lovely bank holiday weekend. Nadia says a break can help you to shift your perspective.

‘Sometimes going back to work after a bank holiday is a great excuse for a new chapter and a way to do things differently,’ explains Nadia.

‘We often need the physical break to allow us to come back and change things up.

‘Think of it as a new start, what do you want to do differently this quarter, what do you want to achieve?

‘Thinking of the start of work as a new start is much more refreshing than dreading returning to work.’

But if you really can’t summon the positivity to feel good about being back at you desk – think about your next escape instead. There is definitely joy to be found in living for the weekend.

‘Always have something to look forward to,’ suggests Nadia.

‘Plan something in for the weekend after your first week back or getting planning a trip away for the future.

‘Having the knowledge that you have more stuff to look forward to in-between going to work can ease anxiety and make you realise life isn’t all work work work.’

Amen to that.

Returning to the daily grind after any kind of break can take its toll mentally, so if you are feeling anxious know that you’re not alone.

If your worrying is making it hard to have fun, or the thought of going back to work feels genuinely unmanageable then make sure you speak to your GP about your mental health, and if you feel able to, speak to your employer.

And don’t worry, summer is just around the corner – which means more bank holidays to fill with fun, friends and family.

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