Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Genetic discovery to improve lung cancer treatment

Lung cancer is the deadliest form of cancer, accounting for an estimated 1.8 million deaths worldwide.

Treatment for the condition has improved in recent years — and a new Edith Cowan University study has found how to make it even more effective.

Immunotherapy has emerged as a major weapon in the battle against non-small cell lung cancer, which makes up 80-85 per cent of all lung cancer diagnoses.

Unfortunately, immunotherapy can also result in severe side effects for patients: at least 74 per cent of those treated will experience immune-related adverse reactions.

Up to 21 per cent will develop grade three or four toxicity, which can lead to lifelong complications affecting the skin, gut, liver or endocrine system.

These adverse reactions can result in cancer treatment having to be discontinued, which risks allowing the disease to progress further.

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