Friday, 9 Jun 2023

From the heavy weight to balance

Anyone who believes that, I am now at 80 kg and am a life in a toned body arrived, I must disappoint you, unfortunately. All the loud critics, who predicted that I was after my Marathon on my 37. Birthday will back fat, had unfortunately right: I weigh at the moment stately 135 pounds.

My Mission “Under 100”, failed, done, buried.

How it came to be and why I follow today, more determined, more motivated and, above all, more experienced than ever before, a new goal, I would like to report here. To be honest, and without self-deception.

A beer here, a cupcake there

I was on 1. January 2015 as a 160-pound runner colossus, with fun, healthy, and integrated into everyday life to lose weight. I rode the bike to work, have regularly made Nordic Walking and occasionally Aqua Jogging. The worst dietary sins, such as sweetened drinks, French fries, Pizza and alcohol I’ve omitted consistently.

And lo and behold: If you consume more energy than you eat, you lose weight. After almost two years I had lost 50 pounds, on the day of the Berlin marathon in September 2016, I weighed 108 pounds. The goal I reached in 04:56:04 hours, and then I celebrated even more with family and friends.

From there began, however, in retrospect, the role considered to be a backward into old habits. I loosened the reins and allowed myself more often. A beer here, a cupcake there. What had stood for two years, even on my diet, or I had allowed myself to “sin” once a week, I enjoyed again from this point on a regular basis.

Everything went horrible wrong

Up to the Triathlon Challenge against my former colleague Hajo Schumacher in September 2017, I took almost unnoticed ten pounds. Because I graduated from-but not only regularly jogged, but also up to 100 kilometres per week with the road bike, and regularly went Swimming, gave me the extra Kilos, no Worries.

In the Video: Mission Marathon – Ex-160-pound man to make his big dream come true

After the Triathlon, however, the goals were missing me and my pig dog velvet age eating habits won in the coming months, the upper hand: and I took. Less sports, and poor diet were the one, it is also Stress in the family and the death of a very good friend have been added. In addition, I lost my Job and was disappointed by supposed friends.

I felt like 20 years back in time to when I was an up-and-coming football talent, the dreamt of professional football and as a cross band all the crack made broken. At the time, my favorite Hobby, and my friends from the team were gone suddenly, and my girlfriend has left me. I didn’t make my OJ and was operating the case of workplace Bullying in education.

Also in 2018 and everything seemed to be just horrible to go wrong. Unlike in the age before 18 years, but I knew after all, that you can overcome a Low. That Whining will not help, not Displace.

Low blows are a part of life

I fought my step – by-step with 15 kilos more on my body – back to life. New Job, new city, new colleagues, new friends. All of this cost me energy, strength, and especially time, which I missed at the end of the day for exercise and a healthy diet.

At the same time of frustration and loneliness were often stronger than my fighting spirit. I was often sick, and was moving even less. In the meantime, I weighed 135 pounds and had a blood pressure of 160/130 mmHg. In my chest, I felt more and more of a Prick. When my doctor discovered the end of 2018, a thrombosis in my leg and a Tumor was suspected to be the cause, I for a single sense wide: fear. I was just landed there, where I wanted to go again.

Today I know that All of these residues, fate and setbacks are part of life. I admit my Failure. But I want to take care of me and my health, I would like to be responsible for my child. Nutrition is not a Religion, and sports are fun. I want to go higher, faster, further, away from a number. #my new Credo is vomschwergewichtzumgleichgewicht.

As an Ambassador of the Thick am I fighting for the Destigmatization of Overweight. We are not sick, lazy, or undisciplined. Each of us has a story of its own. But I am convinced that no Situation is hopeless.

The way to my ideal weight, I want me with the topics of exercise, nutrition and mental health deal, I’m here and in my diary on again, in regular intervals to document.