Thursday, 30 Mar 2023

Food supplements for losing weight inappropriate, and more of a risk

Slimming by dietary supplements: less effective and sometimes dangerous

With the beginning of the new year have made a lot of people, existing excess weight, and to live healthier. Promises of assistance, for example, a dietary Supplement to support weight loss and often as “natural” or “plant-based” are touted. “Mostly a success, however, is doubtful. Some slimming products can even harm,“ warns the consumer advice center in a recent press release.

The advertising promises phenomenal Customers with food supplements, but these do not help, according to the consumer advocates, to reduce the weight permanently. In addition, should be taken before taking the medical consultation, since any interactions threaten with other drugs and Overdose and/or long-term ingestion of significant negative effects can occur. In a recent communication, the consumer has made an assessment of the various diet dietary supplements.

Diet-Ready-to-drink as a food substitute

A common variant of the diet-nutritional supplements are Ready-to-drink, to be taken instead of meals. Powder to Mix diet Shakes and corresponding ready-to-drinks, or Formula diets promise that you must otherwise take nothing. This caution applies, however, because the body need more, as in such mixtures is included. All of the meals are replaced by such a powder, this can pose a risk. The preparations must not be used, therefore, the warning message “without medical advice for more than three weeks”, explained the consumer. Instead of replacing all meals with these Ready-to-drink, it would be better to use this to replace only one main meal. An entry in the weight loss, which is not functioning but only if otherwise calories less eaten.

The consumer is recommended to pay attention to the sugar content of the finished beverage, as there is often a very much sugar was contained in it. Also artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners in powders for the nutrition superfluous.

Appetite brakeman only on a short-term

Supplements, the brakes work as Appetite, contain, according to the consumer advocates usually Mate and Guarana extracts and have a hunger for absorbing, and at the same time energizing and easy draining. These are the critical sticking points. Because the drainage will perhaps quickly broken down weight, but this is no genuine fat. And the hunger-dampening effect does not hold in the long term. As soon as the funds are not taken back is the weight quickly.

The yo-yo effect is inevitable

In the case of preparations with the source and the fiber to be added to the filling effect, but at the same time, enough liquid must be supplied, otherwise the danger of a Bowel obstruction. Although these preparations do in fact sick of it, but in case of prolonged use, you could get used to the effect. The funds will not be taken, threatening a Hunger to large portions. In addition, additional active ingredients are also included in these preparations, sometimes with laxative or a draining effect, so that the weight loss was only partly real. When the “appetite for brakes, the Jo-Jo is programmed to effect, if they are not replaced slowly crept up and by high-fiber vegetables and cereals rich,” says the note to the consumer.

The threat of unwanted effects

A further variant of the dietary dietary Supplement, the so-called “fat burners”, which target the metabolism and fat burning. For example, they are used by athletes and bodybuilders to reduce their body fat percentage. “The European food safety authority (EFSA) has reviewed the exuberant promise of fat burners scientifically backed up,” emphasizes the consumer. In the fat burners is often a variety of plants extracts, mixed together, and even if the individual substances are not included in harmful quantities could not be estimated, the effect of these fuel blends, and there are unexpected and unwanted effects threaten.

Fat burners can lead to hypertension and tachycardia

In addition, many of the substances contained cannot come into interactions with drugs, so the notice of consumer advocates. In addition, the substances contained often have an effect on the cardiovascular System and the higher the proportion of the corresponding substance, the higher the risk of these products, reported the consumer. “The combination with caffeine (such as green tea, Mate, Guarana), as is common in products with synephrine (as bitter orange extract, Citrus aurantium), increases the effects of many substances and can lead to turf hypertension, and heart to heart attacks”, warn consumer advocates. The earlier in fat burners is often used, ephedrine was banned for some years in Europe and the USA.

Easily available, but by no means harmless

The consumer comes to the conclusion that it is often the best case scenario, if the diet supplements lead to nothing. In doubt, preparations from the Internet, however, can be illegal and highly noxious substances, warn consumer advocates. And also who uses drainage or laxatives to lose weight, hazardous to his health. Overall, dietary supplements are not suitable for use as Slimming, even if the advertising that’s the impression. Although you are not on the Internet readily available, “safe, you are about for a long time”, so the conclusion to the consumer. (fp)