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Faster doctor’s appointment by new Spahn-law? The changes now for you

Jens Spahn want to miss the health care an Update. Now his appointment is a service and supply act, short-TSVG, adopted. However, critics do not believe that it closes gaps in the System. These Amendments to the Minister of health is planning a very concrete way.

Fund patients in Germany should in the future come faster to doctor’s appointments, office hours, additional mediation offers and extra incentives for the physicians. This is the core of the date of service and supply act (TSVG).

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), says: “Our healthcare system is in need of an Update. Patients to get doctor’s appointments. You also have in the country is entitled to good medical care. And you are right to demand that we help you with digital solutions in everyday life.“

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The key changes are: The appointment of service provide to patients a single point of contact and 24 hours a day, 7 days per week . In Parallel to the contract doctors your minimum consultation offer increase. In addition to the physicians ‘ associations to be obliged, in under-served areas in the future, their own practices, to open up or supply alternatives to offer.

The critics say

Basically, the consumer will welcome Central to the efforts. Often patients waited a long time to a doctor’s appointment, what could be nerve-wracking and stressful. It was, therefore, right, here, said the head of the Federal Association of consumer organisations (vzbv), Klaus Müller.

However, the consumer advocates also warned of new problems, for example, that in the future, the amount of the doctor’s fee over waiting could decide, as a result of the planned, additional fees for new patients, existing patients would be the losers. Already Insured person received private much faster schedules than is legally Insured. “Now between New and existing patients differences”, writes Müller.

“TSVG needs are ignored mentally Ill”

Also critical of the chief of the techniker Krankenkasse, Jens Baas speaks to Spahns appointment service and supply act. In many aspects, the specific consequences for the supply would show up only in the implementation, said Baas of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. In addition, the improvements would make the supply even more expensive.

Already before the adoption of the FOCUS had been warned Online author Uwe Hauck, The regulations ignore the needs of the mentally Ill. In your case, the TSVG see that you can only begin a course of psychotherapy, if they have met before with therapists who have regarded a therapy as a matter of urgency.

“From my own experience I know how hard it is to as a person with mental health problems alone the step to get help,” says Hauck, who suffered himself from depression. A preliminary interview to do the Whole, even harder to build higher hurdles.

The Federal Ministry of health informed of the provisions in detail – a summary:

Patients to get appointments

To date, the service will be up to the 1.1.2020 service for outpatient care and emergencies:

  • This also includes the appointment of mediation is part of the house and children, doctors and support in the search for permanently supplying the house, child and youth doctors.
  • On the single, nationwide emergency number (116117) is the service location 24 hours a day, seven days per week (24/7).
  • 4-week period also applies to the placement of time-bound Child check-UPS (U-examinations).
  • In acute patients cases, during the consultation times at doctor’s offices or emergency clinics, or hospitals.
  • Waiting for a psychotherapeutic acute treatment may be a maximum of only two weeks.
  • To provide Online offer appointment service (appointments can be made by phone, but also online or via the App).

Doctors will in future have to offer more office hours

The minimum office hours offer the Physicians shall be binding extended:

  • A minimum of 25 hours per week (home visit times will be counted)
  • The physicians ‘ associations to inform on the Internet about the consultation times of doctors under contract.
  • Specialist groups of the basic supply and local supply (e.g., conservative professionals, ophthalmologists, gynaecologists, ENT Doctors) must offer at least five hours per week as a drop-in office hours (without prior appointment).

More services and better care

  • Tenders for equipment (e.g., diapers and walkers) will be abolished. This will ensure that the provision of AIDS and appliances no compromise on quality.
  • In the case of the cure providers , are the prices for the services of therapists nationwide to the highest level to be aligned. The fee of development is decoupled from the basic wage sum, and allows for greater fee increases than in the past. In addition, there should be a single nationwide contracts, the conditions of access of the therapist, to supply to be improved and the therapist can be independent to decide about the treatment of the patient (so-called “blank-over rules”).
  • For young adults, the cancer, the costs of cryopreservation of the statutory health insurance funds. Through the preservation of reproductive tissue, Egg and sperm cells in this group of patients, even after a cancer treatment to children.
  • Medicines for the prevention of infection with the HI Virus (“pre-exposure prophylaxis, PrEP“) for people with elevated risk of contagion from the statutory health insurance funds.
  • The supply of vaccines will be improved. The opportunity for exclusive contracts with individual manufacturers about seasonal flu vaccines and the pharmacy remuneration for these vaccines.
  • Pure care services (such as household help, conversation, memory-enhancing, employment, walks, etc.) for the provision of in-kind benefits in the outpatient care admitted. The care is improving at home because more and more professional groups are available for supply.
  • The supply of midwives will be improved. The Shi head Association is entrusted with the task, Insured in the Internet (and via the App) to provide a search directory contact details and the range of performance of midwives. Former midwives and maternity nurses to facilitate the re-entry into their profession. Hospitals will receive support to their midwives a suitable child-care.
  • The fixed subsidies for dentures to be from the 01.10.2020 of 50 to 60 percent of the cost of care increases. As a result, the Insured, relying on a provision of dentures to be relieved financially.

Doctors are remunerated for additional services

Extra-budgetary remuneration, surcharges, Entbudgetierung or better promotion for:

  • Successful mediation of an urgent specialist appointment by a family doctor: Supplement of a minimum of 10 Euro
  • (Acute care)services for patients provided by the schedule service (extra-budgetary remuneration for all services in the case of Treatment and in the quarter, as well as in addition to waiting for the treatment of staggered surcharges)
  • Services for new patients in the practice (extra-budgetary remuneration for all services in the case of Treatment and in the quarter)
  • Services that are provided in the open consultation hours (extra-budgetary remuneration for all services in the case of Treatment and in the quarter)
  • Benefits for accepted patients to the Appointment to be made by a house doctor (extra-budgetary remuneration for all services in the case of Treatment and in the quarter).

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Medical care in the country is improved

  • Compulsory regional charges for Doctors in the country
  • Structural funds, the physicians ‘ associations are mandatory, and up to 0.2 percent of the total compensation doubled; Uses advanced acquisitions (e.g. investment costs, Practice, etc.);
  • Cash medical associations are obliged, in underserved areas of own offices (own facilities) or to mobile and tele-medical supply-offer Alternatives, if there are too little Doctors.
  • Countries can determine whether existing admission block for the establishment in rural or structurally weak areas, if necessary, can be omitted.

More digitization in the supply

  • Patients want easy, secure and fast your treatment to access data. Has to the electronic patient record everyday life. It also improves the medical care. Therefore, we commit to the health insurance funds, no later than 2021 to its Insured such files. If you like, you should be able to without the use of the electronic health card with a Smartphone or Tablet to medical data access.
  • In the case of illness, the majority of Insured persons in the “Yellow ticket” for many years. These disability certificates are to ab 2021 of the attending Physicians at the sick wet only transmitted digitally.
  • Apps can help, especially the chronically ill, to organize your patient’s everyday life. Therefore, we allow the health insurance companies in the structured treatment programmes for the chronically Ill (DMP) digital applications to use.

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