Friday, 22 Sep 2023

Doctors report Revolution: New blood test to diagnose breast cancer reliably

Blood test instead of mammography: researchers at the University hospital of Heidelberg have developed a method of breast cancer in the future even faster and easier, it can be predicted.

70,000 women in Germany are diagnosed each year with breast cancer – to date, mammography is the safest method to detect the cancer early. A new method, the so-called "Heiscreen-Test", could replace the standard method now, however, as the "Image-Zeitung" reported. This is a blood test that aims to prove breast cancer is reliable.

The Test, according to the researchers around the medical Director of the unifrauen clinic Heidelberg a similar hit probability as the classical x-ray examination without radiation exposure. In a first study with 650 women, the hit rate was 75 percent – but still needs to be confirmed in further studies. The "Heiscreen-Test" can also be used for the detection of ovarian cancer.

The Test is still to come this year on the market

The new test procedure is examined for certain markers in the blood. By this very simple method, the researchers hope that the number of women increases, who take the breast cancer screening.

According to the researchers, the blood test will come this year on the market. If the health insurance costs for the "Heiscreen-Test" will take is still unclear.