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Celery Detoxifies, heals and tastes

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  • Celery tuber, sheet and rod
  • A Medicinal Plant, Celery
  • Celery – The vegetable for gout
  • Celery is effective against inflammation
  • Celery protects the stomach
  • Celery Tea
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    • Ingredients:
    • Preparation and application:

    Celery tuber, sheet and rod

    Celery (Apium) is a plant genus of 30 species. In the kitchen and in medicine in particular, the Real celery (Apium graveolens) is used.

    The celery species are all varieties of Real celery:

    • Celeriac
    • Celery (also perennials or celery)
    • Cut celery

    The celeriac is characterized by its large, gnarled tuber. It is mainly an ingredient finely grated for salads, diced as a Soup or as a so-called “celery chips” sliced and pan-fried.

    The celery only the stems, a small tuber, but the long, fleshy leaf. In order to achieve celery, the “bleaching” of color, so the green color, are piled up, the plants with soil or a dark, foil-wrapped. Due to the lack of light will now affect chlorophyll formation, similar to white asparagus. But there are also varieties whose noble pallor is breeds.

    Also the tuber of the cut celery is barely pronounced. However, this Sellerieart does not have particularly meaty stems. Therefore, using their leaves, which remind optically of parsley, as fine a seasoning herb.

    While we store today, so the celery mainly in the kitchen, he was earlier, but also an important part of the in-house pharmacy.

    A Medicinal Plant, Celery

    In ancient Egypt, for example, the ancestor of our present-day celery diversity of wild celery was used already around 1200 BC as a medicinal plant against rheumatism tables complaints.

    In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), however, celery juice is considered a remedy against high blood pressure.

    And in Ayurveda, the celery has long been used for digestive disorders and neurological age-related complaints.

    All of this is no wonder, as the celery – and here in particular Bleach – or celery – contains an effective blend of special plant substances, so that it could also be used by the informed consumer as a remedy, for example against the gout.

    Celery – The vegetable for gout

    Noteworthy is the celery, especially its high potassium content, which is one of the most important medicinal effects of celery responsible for the diuretic effect.

    Especially in the case of gout and rheumatism, a thorough drainage is extremely helpful, so that the corresponding slag (can be eliminated, for example, uric acid).

    So 100 g of fresh celery contain 344 mg of potassium and 10 percent of the recommended potassium daily dose.

    In rheumatic diseases the anti-inflammatory effect is also a welcome – and with such of the celery can also serve.

    Celery is effective against inflammation

    Celery is an excellent antioxidant source. In addition to antioxidant vitamins (e.g., Vitamin C and Beta-carotene) contains the celery also considerable amounts of polyphenols. These are secondary plant substances that also has a strong anti-oxidative effect.

    These include phenolic acids, flavonoids, phytosterols, and Furanocoumarins.

    The Team of Gregory Hostetler, the Ohio State University in Columbus, has in a study shown that extracts from celery on oxidative damage to tissues in the body reduce can.

    Furthermore, it was shown that celery extract can prevent the risk of inflammatory reactions both in the digestive tract as well as in the blood vessels.

    Celery protects the stomach

    Celery protects as an antioxidant in the digestive tract. The contained polysaccharides appear, however, to protect especially the stomach.

    Dr. Al-Howiriny from the Department of Pharmacognosy of the King Saud University in Saudi Arabia with his team of researchers in a study found that celery extract of the gastric mucosa to maintain, prevent gastric ulcers and the gastric acid formation regulate can.

    The scientists attribute these results to the fact that celery suppressed the increased production of gastric acid through its anti-oxidative potential.

    In addition, celery has a high base potential.

    If you are suffering, therefore, stomach discomfort, and celery in the house, you can prepare a celery tea. This tea is very alkaline and helps to neutralize the excess stomach acid.

    Celery Tea


    • 1 Handful Of Celery
    • 1 l of water

    Preparation and application:

    • Use fresh Celery sticks, wash them well and then chop.
    • To cook the chopped celery in a Liter of water and leave the tea for five minutes the course of pull covers.
    • Then strain and pour the tea lukewarm and ungesüsst after dinner drink.

    Celery strengthens the cardiovascular System

    In terms of the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of celery, it is not surprising that many researchers interest for its cardiovascular benefits.

    Oxidative Stress and inflammation of the blood vessels are at risk of many cardiovascular diseases, leading, in particular, in the case of atherosclerosis (=the “hardening of the arteries”).

    Scientists have found that the polysaccharides can reduce in celery, the risk of ignition in the circulatory System.

    Celery also contains Phthalide, a secondary plant substance that supports the cardiovascular System by has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. The blood vessels dilate and the blood pressure can drop.

    At the same time, celery has a certain cancer enemy effect:

    Celery is effective against cancer

    Vegetables and herbs of the family Umbelliferae including celery counts, have a high content of Apigenin, a bright yellow plant color substance selected from the group of flavones.

    Studies have shown that Apigenin stop the proliferation of many cancer cells (especially breast, colon and lung) and the spread of inflammation can contain.

    Prof. Salman Hyder and his Team from the University of Missouri were able to show that Apigenin slow the progression of breast cancer not only stop, but the tumors even shrink.

    The scientists found that Apigenin abtötete the cancer cells, because the blood vessels you with the nutrients supplied.

    In a further study found the American cancer research Institute National Cancer Institute (NCI) have found that celery of those 10 foods heard of, preventive cancer, the best prevention can, what shows, what is the role of diet in the prevention of cancer but also in cancer therapy plays, and, when so claimed, the diet have cancer only a minimal effect.

    To the healing substances of celery in effective doses is the celery juice (by hand and fresh with a high quality juicer made) a very good method.

    Celery Juice

    Celery juice is also a wonderful detoxifying component in the context of juice cures to strengthen the immune system and the kidneys function to stimulate.


    • Celery sticks

    Preparation and application:

    • Wash the fresh celery under running water.
    • Cut the rods into small pieces and squeeze out the juice with a high-quality juice press.
    • To be able to from the therapeutic Use of celery benefit, it is sufficient if you take three Times a day, 100 ml of celery juice.
    • You can perform this treatment for a week, three to four Times per year.
    • It is important that you prepare the juice fresh daily.

    Tip: Because of pure celery juice is very intensive tastes and not everyone is, you can use the Celery stalks with other vegetables to combine, for example, with carrots, tomatoes or beetroot. Make sure, however, that in your juice mixture in each case 100 ml of celery juice per dose.

    Celery: great for losing weight

    Since the celery purifies excellent, and it also helps to remove excess water from the tissues and also the calories of the poorest vegetables, the celery is very helpful when it comes to losing weight.

    100 g of celery bring it to 15 calories, not least because the celery is more than 90 percent water.

    All of the beneficial properties of celery but only if he is also prepared really fresh and crisp bought, and as quickly as possible.

    Therefore, it is extremely important to be careful when shopping to the best possible quality.

    Celery: What to look for when shopping should pay attention to

    Fresh celery has a pale-white to yellowish-light green color – medium-sized units are preferable, because their fibers are so strong.

    The interfaces should look fresh and not dried out or dark tinted.

    Do not be afraid, the vegetables in question to a Test: the celery easy to bend, it is superimposed. You let him in the Store.

    Fresh Celery sticks, you can bend it. They break immediately. Of course, you should buy the celery and then also, if you have performed the Test successfully.

    How is celery stored?

    Can store the fresh celery in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator – the best foil or a plastic bag wrapped in cling, as it remains very fresh and hardly any moisture to evaporate.

    New studies suggest that celery should be consumed but after 5-7 days, because after that, the potency of the antioxidants is reduced.

    In relation to the content of flavonoids, it is recommended that the Celery sticks only to cancel shortly before the preparation or chopping. In this way, the maximum nutrient potential.

    Make sure that the storage is always celery separately from pears, Apples and Avocados to be kept, as these fruits give off an ethylene gas that contributes to your celery is faster welk.

    Celery: the Frequent victims of pesticides

    Unfortunately, the celery is much injected, so that he, according to the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides” (2014) of the organization Environmental Working Group, Washington, D. C. of those 12 fruits and vegetables, which most of the pesticide residues found are, of course, if he is from conventional production.

    Also, in Europe, conventionally grown celery is often loaded. Thus, the Hamburg pesticide action network (PAN Germany) published the results of new controls, where conventionally grown celery contained 69 different pesticides.

    By now it should be clear that you should set when buying fruit and vegetables as often as possible in organic quality.

    Only then will the celery tastes really good!

    Celery – Delicious Recipe Ideas

    Celery fits perfectly in soups. But there are many other possibilities, the crisp vegetables on a varied and delicious way to prepare.

    So you can bake celery consume raw or stewing, steaming, cooking, or.

    Keep in mind in the preparation, but, when Heated to 38 to 41 percent of antioxidants can evaporate, which is why the antioxidant yield of celery raw food is the Highest.

    Celery sticks, for example, can be ideal as Cocktail appetizers. Serve with different Dips.

    As celery can be rods with a zesty cream cheese – or egg-cream filling. Also, on cold plates, with cheese or fish delicacies celery makes perfect.

    Of course, vegan combinations are wonderfully possible: So the celery fits exceptionally well to salads, Avocados, nuts, tomatoes, and much more.

    Use for salad dressing cold-pressed Oils, such as olive oil or hemp seed oil and combine it with Apple cider vinegar and/or freshly squeezed orange juice. Add to this mix a little white Almond butter – and ready is the delicious Dressing.

    But also boiled and stewed celery will find a wide variety of uses. It can be cooked like asparagus, with a mild, nut-like flavor comes to particularly good effect, but it fits to stews or Risotto.

    And do not forget to Refine your celery dishes with fresh herbs. Tarragon, parsley, nutmeg, Basil and thyme are considered to be particularly harmonious companion set to your imagination when Seasoning no limits!

    Before you implement your culinary ideas into action, you should rinse the celery is always under running cold water and Pat dry.

    The threads of the outer rods you can pull off with a small knife, or use a peeler.

    You can also of the celery recipes, which you can find in our recipes section:

    • Celery schnitzel in two variations
    • Celery patties with Dip
    • Celery à la provence
    • Alkaline celery salad with almonds (celeriac)

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