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Anil Kapoor suffers from calcification in the shoulder. What is it?

The one actor who doesn’t seem to have aged a bit is our evergreen actor, Anil Kapoor. Be it his looks, physique or fitness levels, the actor seems to have discovered some sort of elixir to life. The 62-year-old is known to be very disciplined, be it his diet or workouts.

However, recently Kapoor shared on social media that he is suffering from calcification in his right shoulder and shall be going to Germany in April for treatment.

What is calcification of the shoulder?

Calcification of the shoulder is known as calcific tendonitis and it takes place when there is formation of calcium deposits on the tendons of your shoulder. There is inflammation in the tissues around the deposit, which lead to a lot of pain. The reason for this is not known and is not due to one’s diet or any injury. Calcific tendonitis mostly affects people who are over the age of 40.


It is only when the deposits are being reabsorbed that there is a lot of pain in the shoulder. There are times when the pain is present in the arm and increases if you try to lift it. When it is at a severe level, pain could end up affecting your sleep.

The surgeon studies your medical history and does a detailed physical examination of your shoulder. The presence of calcium deposits can be confirmed after an x ray.


The following treatment options are recommended:

Anti-inflammatory Medications- These help in reducing the inflammation, thus reducing the pain.

Injections- Cortisone injections lowers the inflammation levels.

Lavage- When the calcium deposits are being reabsorbed, there is a lot of pain. One procedure which could be recommended by the surgeon is removing the calcium by inserting 2 needles and rinsing the area with saline solution.

Physiotherapy- Physiotherapy focuses on reducing the pain and inflammation.

Shock Wave Therapy- In this procedure, a machine which generates wave pulses is directed at the affected area in order to break up the calcium deposits.


In case the pain and discomfort continue, then surgery could be recommended.

First Published: Jan 31, 2019 13:57 IST

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