Friday, 9 Jun 2023

Men reveal the thing that turns them off the most during sex

Poor hygiene was the second most irksome trait, with 30% of men picking this as their biggest turn off.

Ladies who fail to preen their bushes have also been shamed by those surveyed.

A sizeable 14% of chaps are adamant that untrimmed pubic hair is the most unattractive quality.

Those who rush during sex, or look at their phones, could also be turning off their partners.

Quickies were off-putting for 7% of participants, while 6% said screen distractions got on their nerves.

Men’s biggest turn offs, according to a Daily Star Online poll:

1. Lack of enthusiasm – 43%

2. Poor hygiene – 30%

3. Untrimmed pubic hair – 14%

4. Being rushed – 7%

5. Partner looking at phone or TV – 6%

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