Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Ariana Grande Shares Her Brain Scan That Shows ‘Petrifying’ PTSD Trauma

One of the leading recording artists of the contemporary world, Ariana Grande doesn’t shy away from fans when it comes to discussing her mental health. She proved it recently with sharing a picture of her brain scans that show post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You might ask how is any normal person supposed to understand a brain scan anyway, right? Well, she already had it sorted as she explained with another picture how a normal brain looks like as compared to the one suffering from PTSD.

Guess the term that she used for describing the difference – hilarious! Only Ariana has the courage to find humor in something so terrifying (we totally adore her for that!). The areas affected by PTSD lit up in a brain scan indicating signs of trauma and in her report, a major part was showing the signs which makes it evident what kind of trouble she has been going through.

The pop star started having PTSD and anxiety issues after the deadly incident that resulted in 22 deaths at her Manchester concert in the year 2017. When something so horrifying happens, it’s quite obvious to feel traumatic but the fact that it happened in a place that she considered safe left the singer in a state of deep shock.

“The safest thing in the whole world has to be music”, she once said emotionally. This pretty much explains everything about her feelings that she must have experienced after the devastating event. According to her, though it’s not easy to talk about it given that so many families went through such a drastic loss, it cannot be denied that it was a real thing that actually happened.

However, with all that rough things taking place in Ariana’s life, she has proved that nothing can stop her from flying high in her professional journey, even if she feels clueless about her personal life. She might be a cute little singing star but her courage is undoubtedly big!

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