Friday, 22 Sep 2023

After 4 Boys, Danielle Lloyd Wants a Baby Girl Through Gender Selection, But Is It Really Safe?

When you already have four boys and desire for a girl, it’s hard to beat the law of nature in order to make your wish come true. But thanks to the advancements in medical science, it has now become possible for us to determine the gender of our babies before even conceiving them! But, the process is anything but cheap. Danielle Lloyd wishes for a baby girl to join her four male siblings but the couple isn’t sure about the gender selection method.

There is an easy option for Danielle’s desire. She can pay  £20k on gender selection if she wants to be 100 per cent sure that her next baby will be a girl. But the CBB star is not ready to make such payment because she wants a natural birth.

Danielle and fiance Michae O’Neill, heard about the science behind gender selection after her fourth son’s birth in November 2017. She has a book that helps women who want to give birth to baby girls. But unfortunately, Gender Selection is a crime in the United Kingdom and the process is frowned upon by various religious communities. The World Health Organization has also spoken against the practice.

The brunette will opt for natural conception and will accept her fate if she has another baby boy. She only wants to try for a baby girl. For a whole month, she spent in Dubai, she was busy learning the process of conceiving a girl. A female in the house will compliment Danielle’s effort to have a gossip mate at home.

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