Friday, 22 Sep 2023

Сardiovascular machines Watson Dynamics – the story about how crazy dream led to a real breakthrough in fitness and professional sports

The history of Watson Dynamics has originated in 2011. That’s when the team of enthusiasts consisting of experienced engineers and specialists in biomechanics, began the development of their own cardiovascular machines.

They set themselves an ambitious task – to make sport accessible for people with any level of preparation, absolutely safe for health and, last but not least, exciting. Creed which they decided to follow in their work, is reflected in the naming – «WatsON Dynamics».

The realisation of idea became everything to the team! Everyone works sparing no effort, time and resources, generating ideas and conducting various experiments in the labs.

As a result the painstaking work, innovative approach and courage of Watson Dynamics haven’t left unremarked!

The representatives of the US Sports Federation in athletics, cross-country running, highway running and racing (USATF) who were familiar with the brainchild of the brand and therefore confident in their competence and creativity, contacted the team.

They wanted to totally change a system of preparation of sportsmen and modus operandi of their coaches, weeding out the geographical factor and the need in physical attendance. Moreover, the new system should have been equally effective and truly productive for every athlete.

USATF saw the answer of their expectations in creation of cardiovascular machines with extended functionality; and development of these machines was assigned to Watson Dynamics.

For incarnation of such an epic and important idea the Watson Dynamics team joined the Association of Applied Phsycology and team of developers from the Silicon Valley who works on applications with AI.

And 5 years of the laborious work has started.

The result of this work – creation of new-class smart exercise machines with touchscreen monitors, interactive fitness platform and opportunity to connect with Wi-Fi.

The distinctive features of these simulators were as follows:

–       Due to the possibility of WI-FI connection and large screens athletes were able to exercise under the supervision of their trainers without leaving the house and even compete with each other in real time;

–       Prescence of an extensive base of entertainment, sports and motivational content has helped to increase the duration of athletes’ home workouts;

–       The interactive platform significantly improved the work of coaches, allowing them to monitor the health and progress of their wards at any time.

The Watson Dynamics team had spent 3 years directly developing this know-how in the world of sports and fitness, and then 2 years of continuous tests with professional athletes and Olympic champions began.

During this period, thanks to an “interactive approach” to cardio workout the results of observed athletes increased several times, proving the effectiveness of Watson Dynamics smart simulators.

Inspired by the success of the tests, the creators of cardiovascular machines decided to enter the global market and make their creations available to all lovers of home fitness and active lifestyle!

Watson Dynamics introduced a whole line of these machines so that everyone can find a suitable workout format:

·        Treadmills,

·        Bike stretchers,

·        Elliptical simulators;

·        Rowing simulators.

And the success among ordinary consumers and fitness experts did not take long to wait!

First of all Watson Dynamics fitness machines were recognized by the US National Institute of Health, honoring them with the title “Breakthrough of the Year” in its annual report on the Healthy People Program. Immediately after this article about the company that had created the advanced smart simulator, began to appear in the prestigious magazines “Muscular Development,” “Muscle & Fitness,” etc.

But it is too early to finalize the history of this team! Since 2016, Watson Dynamics has not stopped painstaking work on the development of a neural network (artificial intelligence), which will be able to independently regulate the load, taking into account the features of health, level of physical fitness and endurance of each athlete. This innovation will be able to raise the quality of training to a new level! Right now, Watson Dynamics labs are undergoing the first neural network tests, and the creators hope to present another breakthrought to the world very soon. The history of Watson Dynamics is in full swing!