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In these foods with the most pesticides are

Bad news for tea drinkers, – no other food residues of pesticides are found. According to the Federal office for food safety 7.4 percent of the tea were contaminated in the year 2017-samples. Frequently, the testers found Trimesium – a substance that is formed during the use of glyphosate. Almost as often, fresh herbs affected. […]

The myth of the pelvic floor: For what we need it – and how we can strengthen it

Clearly, the pelvic floor alone s is not located’, but also. As Germany was in the 2014 football champion of the world, since languages had suddenly introduced to all the Core Training, the fitness coach Mark few years Verstegen previously on the national team. Because it seemed to actually bring something. The Name derives from […]

The risks and side effects of your health Minister…

The German health system may have its flaws, an achievement is, however, not to underestimate the value of: Whether the statutory health insurance must reimburse the cost of therapy depends on the level of knowledge of medical research. Treatments must be paid for, if you are a proven good, safe and effective. The decision is […]

Yohimbe – and-effect and application

Table of contents Plug-in a letter to Yohimbe: Scientific Name: Pausinystalia yohimbaPlant Family: Redness Plants (Rubiaceae)Folk Names: Tree Of Love, Lust, Wood, Power WoodOrigin: AfricaAreas of application: Erectile dysfunction, Impotence, increased blood pressure Main Ingredients: YohimbinePlant Parts Used: Bark Herbs portrait: If the blood boiling The Yohimbe tree belongs to the family of the redness […]

As the Russian Leonid even the blind intestine removed Rogosow in the Antarctic

Leonid Rogosow had studied medicine, but never practiced, as he broke his doctorate and residency training in 1960, for the opportunity of a lifetime. The young man could as a doctor at the 6. Soviet Antarctic expedition. With twelve other Expedition members, he built the Soviet Nowolasarewskaja Antarctic station. At the time, knew Rogosow not […]

Dangerous secondary exploitation: Why egg cartons immediately in the trash

The idea to fill the empty egg carton on the market a second Time, is wise and commendable. In particular, from an ecological point of view. The verbraucherzentrale Berlin – discourages but for a different reason strongly from the multiple filling of egg cartons. “The cartons are mostly made of cardboard and cannot be cleaned […]

Apotheken Umschau from 1.1.: Editorial video

Verführerische calories üeverywhere. Since fäthe llt lift heavy. The new issue verrät, how it can still succeed Editor-in-chief Dr. Hans Haltmeier üon the latest edition of the apotheken Umschau Further topics of the current magazine: Electronic patient record Koordinationsüexercises skin blemish clearing Mittelohrentzümaking HIV self-tests, senior cell phone Fußcare generic dream job as a pharmacist? […]

Tooth growth

Tooth growth in children Tooth growth begins in babies usually from the fifth to the seventh month. In General, the passes to break Through the milk-teeth without any complications. It is Accompanying symptoms such as pain in the gums, slight fever, loss of appetite and General malaise, however, occur frequently. For parents, this usually means […]

Experimental gene therapy triples lifespan of mice with severe mitochondrial disease

Researchers at the University of Helsinki and Folkhälsan Research Center have, together with their collaborators, demonstrated in a mouse model that the partial restoration of respiratory chain function in mitochondria, which serve as cellular power plants, may be sufficient to prevent all symptoms of a severe mitochondrial disorder. The model employed in the study was […]

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