Friday, 31 Mar 2023

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Miller receives Rainwater Prize for Brain Research

Timothy Miller, MD, PhD, the David Clayson Professor of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, has been named a winner of the Rainwater Annual Prize for Outstanding Innovation in Neurodegenerative Disease Research. The prize recognizes scientific progress that could lead to innovative, effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases associated with the accumulation […]

Trickle of Covid Relief Funds Helps Fill Gaps in Rural Kids’ Mental Health Services

NELSONVILLE, Ohio — The Mary Hill Youth and Family Center’s building has long been at a crossroads overlooking this rural Appalachian city, but its purpose has evolved. For 65 years, residents of Nelsonville and the rolling hills of southeastern Ohio traveled to the hilltop hospital seeking care. Then, in 2014, the 15-bed hospital, which was […]

Even Well-Intended Laws Can’t Protect Us From Inaccurate Provider Directories

If you have medical insurance, chances are you’ve been utterly exasperated at some point while trying to find an available doctor or mental health practitioner in your health plan’s network. It goes like this: You find multiple providers in your plan’s directory, and you call them. All of them. Alas, the number is wrong; or […]

Overdose Deaths Behind Bars Rise as Drug Crisis Swells

Annissa Holland should be excited her son is coming home from prison after four long years of incarceration. Instead, she’s researching rehab centers to send him to as soon as he walks out the gate. She doesn’t know the person who’s coming home — the person who she said has been doing every drug he […]

Senate Deal Raises Hopes for a Reduction in Gun Suicides

A bipartisan U.S. Senate agreement negotiated after high-profile mass shootings in Texas, New York, and Oklahoma lacks gun access restrictions that advocates say are needed to prevent such attacks. But the deal’s focus on mental health has raised hopes — and doubts — that it will help reduce gun suicides, particularly in rural Western states […]

Recently, my nipples have been sore, and the area around it. What is happening?

Thanks for your question. Nipples can be sore for many reasons. Some common reasons and treatments: Injury. The muscles by the nipple may be sore from physical activity (such as playing sports or going to the gym). If something hit the chest (such as a soccer ball), this can also cause discomfort. Some things that […]

Journalists Delve Into Vaccine Mandates and Surprise Billing

California Healthline correspondent Rachel Bluth discussed California’s doomed covid-19 vaccine mandates on iHeartPodcasts “The Daily Dive” on June 7. Click here to hear Bluth on “The Daily Dive” Read Bluth’s “Politics and Pandemic Fatigue Doom California’s Covid Vaccine Mandates”  KHN contributing writer Michelle Andrews discussed her recent “Bill of the Month” feature about a surprise […]

AARP’s Billion-Dollar Bounty

In September, AARP, the giant organization for older Americans, agreed to promote a burgeoning chain of medical clinics called Oak Street Health, which has opened more than 100 primary care outlets in nearly two dozen states. The deal gave Oak Street exclusive rights to use the trusted AARP brand in its marketing — for which […]

¿Por qué más adultos mayores no reciben los refuerzos contra covid?

Incluso cuando los principales funcionarios de salud de los Estados Unidos dicen que es hora de aprender a vivir con el coronavirus, un coro de destacados investigadores aseguran que mensajes confusos sobre los refuerzos de las vacunas han puesto en grave riesgo a millones de personas mayores. Según los Centros para el Control y la […]

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