Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021

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Caring at home for yourself and others suffering from COVID-19

If you have coronavirus (COVID-19) and you’re caring for yourself at home or you’re caring for a loved one with COVID-19 at home, you might have questions. How do you know when emergency care is needed? How long is isolation necessary? What can you do to prevent the spread of germs? How can you support […]

AI-powered precision drug dosing can boost outcomes and cost efficiency

Shivrat Chhabra is CEO of Dosis, a company that offers an artificial intelligence-powered personalized dosing platform used by dialysis providers to manage chronic drug regimens. Dosis developed the Strategic Anemia Advisor, an AI-based dosing platform for patients with chronic anemia. Chhabra provides the following statistics for provider organizations using his company’s anemia advisor: In about […]

Tweaked COVID vaccines in testing aim to fend off variants

Dozens of Americans are rolling up their sleeves for a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine—this time, shots tweaked to guard against a worrisome mutated version of the virus. Make no mistake: The vaccines currently being rolled out across the U.S. offer strong protection. But new studies of experimental updates to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines […]

'Long COVID:' New review adds fresh detail

There have been numerous reports of people who survived COVID-19 developing various long-term health issues. Symptoms are wide-ranging, can affect all people, and can develop months after the infection. Individuals with long COVID require interdisciplinary care and support. In a new literature review, researchers provide a thorough overview of post-acute COVID-19 syndrome, otherwise known as […]

Findings that COVID can infect the mouth shouldn’t disrupt your dental care

Scientists recently discovered that the SARS-CoV-2 virus—the culprit behind COVID—can specifically infect cells in the mouth and may travel in saliva. That news, while promising for future research, doesn’t translate to big changes in the precautions already being taken to prevent the spread of the virus at the dentist office, and definitely shouldn’t make people […]

‘Explained by KHN’: Health insurance help in Covid relief law

‘Explained by KHN’: Health Insurance Help in Covid Relief LawPlay The twists and turns of the American health system can sometimes leave people lost, confused and looking for answers. We've created a new video series — "Explained by KHN" — in which our correspondents and editors answer common health care and health policy questions. The […]

Pregnancy After Pioneering Treatment for Early Menopause

A novel therapy combining platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) that is injected directly into the ovaries has the potential to restore ovarian function for women who experience early menopause, possibly allowing for pregnancy without the need for donor eggs. “The resumption of ovarian function in our participants means women with early menopause could […]

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