Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020

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Study identifies barriers to physician adoption of federal Right to Try law

A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute is the first to examine the opinions and experiences of clinical oncologists working at a major medical center on the Federal Right to Try (RTT) law. Enacted in 2018, the Federal RTT law was created as a new and parallel pathway to the […]

Flu jab for over 50s: Can you get a flu jab for free if you’re 50 to 65?

Each year the seasonal flu resurfaces, infecting millions during the winter months. While many people will feel under the weather for a few days and recover, others are susceptible to developing severe illness from the flu. Due to this, the NHS recommends certain groups for the flu vaccine from the autumn onwards. The vaccine is […]

Former Nashville Council Member Skeptical of Coronavirus Dies of COVID-19

A former council member for Nashville, Tennessee, has died of complications from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Tony Tenpenny, 57, died over the weekend after spending weeks in the hospital battling the contagious respiratory virus, NBC News reported Monday. Tenpenny was a vocal skeptic of the virus' severity and shared several posts on social media that […]

Middle-Aged Americans Report More Pain Than Seniors

MONDAY, Sept. 21, 2020 — Middle-aged Americans are living with more physical pain than older adults are — and the problem is concentrated among the less-educated, a new study finds. The pattern may seem counterintuitive, since older age generally means more chronic health conditions and wear-and-tear on the body. And the middle-age pain peak is […]

Scientists discover potential coronavirus remedy—at least, for mice and hamsters

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine say they have discovered a super-potent molecule that was “highly effective” at preventing and treating COVID-19 when tested in mice and hamsters. Sounds promising, but it’s too early to get your hopes up. Animal studies like this are notorious for not translating to human test subjects. […]

This video shows just how easily COVID-19 could spread when people sing together

Production of the reality TV show The Masked Singer was shut down last month after several crew members were infected with COVID-19. It’s one of several examples of COVID-19 transmission associated with singing around the world since March, prompting some jurisdictions to ban group singing altogether. In New South Wales, for example, choral singing is […]

Munich orders masks on as virus resurges

The German city of Munich will require masks to be worn at the busiest public spaces in tightened restrictions announced Monday by authorities to fight a resurgence in coronavirus infections. Masks will be made compulsory from Thursday at popular city centre locations like the Marienplatz or Sendliger Tor. Contact between people will also once again […]

Breast cancer drug set to transform prostate cancer treatment

A drug used to treat breast and ovarian cancer can extend the lives of some men with prostate cancer and should become a new standard treatment for the disease, concludes a major trial which is set to change clinical practice. Final results from the trial showed that olaparib—a pioneering type of drug called a PARP […]

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