Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019

Tips about interval fasting – so you can keep it!

Why it is called the “Hirschhausen diet”?

The idea does not come from me, and we have mentioned in the editorial, the interval of fasting even never. But we are pleased that it now proposes such waves. It is not a diet, but to eat a kind. You do not have to count calories, but hours. Instead of “eat half”, the following applies: “eat half the time!” By the way: The word “diet” originally meant “way of life”.

What is the meaning of fasting?

For a certain period of time will voluntarily renounced food. In some religious traditions, fasting also includes the waiver of water. From a medical point of view, this is not recommended, however.

What types of interval fasting are there?

In the case of the 16:8 method (Eight-hour-diet) limited to the food for a period of eight hours a day. Is eaten, for example, between 10 and 18 o’clock or between 13 and 21 o’clock. Then 16 almost hours follow. The first meal can also be further postpone, and one should fast for 18 or 19 hours long. Some people restrict themselves to only one meal a day, about an elaborate dinner. Best the alternating fast food is investigated: alternating one day nothing, or almost nothing (a maximum of 500 calories) and the next day is quite normal. The is easier to hold than a duration of the diet and leads to weight loss. In the case of the 5:2 diet, you will be limited to two such fasting days in the week – which is up to you.

With intermittent fasting, Eckart took von hirschhausen ten kilograms of – and coined the term of “Hirschhausen diet”. Now there is the success of the program as an App. It combines the proven method of interval fasting with a Coaching of Germany’s best-known doctor.

The App for “Hirschhausen-diet” offers:

Curious? Here it goes directly to the App.

Why isn’t it enough to just eat less?

The effect on the metabolism is different. The body adapts to the reduced energy intake, it lowers the consumption. You start to freeze, can’t concentrate, build muscles. Worse still, Even if you have finished your diet long ago, the reasons for sales decreased. Therefore, you have to take quickly. Different fasting: the body is not permanent, but temporarily no food, it will switch to fat burning.

What is with the Yo-Yo effect?

If you eat a healthy diet, not the body lasting fat, because he adapts to how at a diet to the lowered energy intake.

Who is allowed to fast? And who is not?

The body is set to times without food, therefore, every fasting can in principle. Except for Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children and young people. For the risk of nutrient deficiencies. Also if you are underweight, is not recommended. Diabetics that take medicines, and should monitor a doctor the blood sugar level, which is reduced by fasting, which is good. In combination with blood sugar lowering medications can lead to a life-threatening hypoglycaemia.

What should I take during a fast to me?

Water and all kinds of tea: Black, herbal or spiced tea. Also coffee is fine, as long as you drink it without sugar. You waive all artificial sweeteners: although they are calorie-free, but studies suggest that they do not hinder the removal.

Can I give milk in my coffee?
Milk contains milk sugar and stops like all the sugar, the fat combustion. But that is a matter of balance: If coffee makes you happy and you don’t like it black, add a dash of milk or cream. A small amount will not prevent the success of.

Eckart von Hirschhausen doctor, comedian, TV presenter and book author. And, now, chief reporter of DR. v. hirschhausen’s STAR LIFE HEALTHY. Its strength is to convey medicine entertaining – diaphragm instead of your index finger. For him, health is joy, happiness, wonder and a sense of Humor. Currently, the doctor of the Nation “with his Live stage programme is touring” “at last” by Germany. On stern.de published Eckart von Hirschhausen his best columns, tips, and current projects. Because Laughter is the best medicine.

Can I drink alcohol?

To the Non-fasting periods you eat normal and drink alcohol – the best, of course in moderation. To Remove dry wine is better than beer, that contains a lot of carbohydrates in the Form of malt sugar. Eckart von Hirschhausen: “alcohol has calories and inhibits fat loss. But wine tastes good to me.”

It doesn’t matter what I have outside of the fasting periods eat?

Fasting has health benefits if you eat otherwise, as usual: The liver breaks down fat, the insulin level drops, the body becomes accustomed to burning fat. You can enhance the effect significantly, if you stick with the meals on nutrient-rich foods with a little sugar and processed carbohydrates. Otherwise: fast, so that it fits into your life. If you are invited to a dinner party, you should enjoy it also. Then you can load back to your usual taking a break from eating.

From fast it makes me dizzy, I get headaches.

Maybe you drink too little or salt. A pinch in a glass of water can help. For a longer fast periods of bone and vegetables, homemade broth is recommended. It relieves hunger pangs, provide you with salt, a little Protein and micro-nutrients and prevents dehydration. Ready broth often contains artificial flavors and is therefore unsuitable.

If I eat in the morning, I can’t work. I need a Breakfast!

The body has to get used to periods without food. Start with twelve hours and prolong the period of time. With time it will get easier. The best way to start the day with a glass of water. For the taste, you can lemon or orange slices or mint leaves, add to soup. A shot of Apple cider vinegar in the water to lower elevated blood sugar levels.