Monday, 9 Dec 2019

Researchers develop two effective drugs against Ebola

In the fight against Ebola science learning is an important progress in the Democratic Republic of the Congo conducted clinical study have shown that two new drugs, the mortality rate of Ebola-reduced patients drastically, informed the US health authority, the NIH, which funded part of the study.

In the 14 treatment centres in four experimental drugs have been in use, more reported to the WHO. Two of them have shown very good survival rates. 89 to 94 percent of patients were treated within the first three days after onset of symptoms with these drugs, have survived. The patients came later in the treatment survived for an average of around 15 percent. Overall, these medium – REGN-EB3 and mAb114 showed significantly better results than the other two experimental drugs. Their use will be terminated, said a WHO spokesman.