Monday, 18 Nov 2019

FDP politician proposes ban on Smoking at bus stops

Politicians from several parties have called for a tougher ban on Smoking in Germany. “Smoking must be prohibited, where people are being difficult or impossible to Dodge: Public playgrounds, bus stops or railway platforms,” said drug policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Wieland Schinnenburg, the editorial network Germany (RND).

The background of the discussion, a change in the law in Sweden. There may be infected smokers in the outdoor areas of restaurants, no more cigarettes. On Monday, a new public squares, applicable tobacco law came in the case of the Scandinavians in force. Public playgrounds, bus stops, and rail drop increases accordingly, besides other places also, under the expanded Smoking ban.

The Swedish model: prohibition of Smoking in front of restaurants

As far as the Swedish policy FDP-politician schinnenburg, would not go in Germany. “It is not reasonable to prohibit Smoking in front of restaurants. There no one needs to go and what we want is just that in the restaurants is not smoked,” he said of the RND. Where you could smoke but not Dodge, had to be prohibited harassment.

The Greens see Sweden as a role model. “Germany can learn from Sweden, such as the protection against passive Smoking can be improved,” said Kirsten Kappert-Gonther, spokesperson of the Greens on drug policy, the RND. “Clear non-Smoking areas in the outdoor areas of public buildings, pubs and Restaurants, and especially in the workplace for safety and contribute to the protection of health.” Is important but most of all, finally a General tobacco advertising ban, as it applies in other EU countries.

SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach calls for clear non-Smoking areas in Public places, such as railway stations already. “A stronger ban on Smoking at public places would be useful,” said Lauterbach, the online edition of the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung” on Friday. Germany should be approached in increments to the Swedish model. “Smoking in Public should be banned, where passive Smoking is difficult to avoid, and non-Smoking only difficult to Dodge.” To prohibit Smoking in public places, but could be just a first step. “We should now implement the ban on tobacco advertising, finally.”

Sweden wants to be by 2025 smoke-free

The provisions in Sweden also apply to E-cigarettes. The Swedish health authority considers the measure an important step for the health of the population. Even passive Smoking should be reduced.

The government of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s goal is that Sweden will, by 2025 smoke-free. So far, we saw the Swedes often as you pull in Stockholm and other cities in separate areas of pubs and Restaurants on your cigarettes. For several years, you may already not Inside of the Local Smoking.