Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Dangerous seconds sleep: What promotes it, and how you can avoid

The day after the serious coach crash on the A9 near Leipzig, a spokeswoman for the highway patrol said, for the first time to a possible accident cause. Accordingly, a so-called seconds could have led to sleep of the driver, the tour bus crashed. At least one traveller survived the accident, nine people were seriously injured. The police in hall did not want to confirm the presumption of the highway police in the night-although – however: It is by no means the exception to the rule that Car-, Truck – or bus drivers fall during the journey short to the eyes. With some fatal consequences. The society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM) is even assumed that the second sleep in the road more often fatal than drinking and driving.

Accident in Leipzig

Deadly bus crash on the A9 – motorway police expresses conjecture about the cause of the accident

What is sleep anyway?

The classic signs of tiredness at the wheel are probably known to many drivers: Burning and heavy eyelids, persistent Yawning, increased blinking and involuntary Shivering. Willingly, you can prevent the fall Asleep, say scientists. As the main causes for the spontaneous behind the Wheel, sort of drift off researchers in addition to sleep identified disorders such as sleep apnea, especially sleep deprivation over a longer period of time. Are at risk, therefore, especially commuters and Truck drivers who drive mostly long distances, or such, you know, supposedly, in and out. Also, shift workers with unnatural sleep patterns are at risk.

Every fourth is already asleep

Interesting as well as frightening results brought a 2016 carried out in Kantar-TNS Emnid-survey. Of the 1000 interviewed drivers each fourth was then, to be ever at the wheel, dozed off. Apparently, because of the emergence of fatigue is underestimated and the efficiency of one’s own body overestimated. For example, 17 percent abandon on a break, although you are aware that you are tired. Almost every second controls the first Parking lot only after three to four hours. The DGSM is recommended, after just two hours for the first Time for a couple of minutes to stop.

Three tips to prevent falling Asleep at the wheel

With the action “beware of seconds to sleep!” started, the German traffic safety Council (DVR) after the survey results are a campaign, which is aimed to make aware of the issue. On a leaflet the scientist, among other things, three important tips, which prevent the spontaneous falling Asleep at the wheel:

So you go to continue to recover

To put the grid in a Restaurant to enjoy a fat lunch, and then with a full belly and the accelerator on the highway to return is a bad idea. Instead, the experts recommend for the break, a short NAP and exercise.

Bus driver seriously injured and not hearing capable of

Whether the driver of the accident bus from Leipzig is, in fact, dozing off briefly and so the control over the vehicle is lost, you need to show the further investigation by the police. The man was seriously injured in the accident and could not be interviewed, according to a police spokesperson so far.

Sources: German Council For Road Safety; Verkehrsrundschau