Monday, 9 Dec 2019

San Francisco prohibits E-cigarettes but normal cigarettes will remain on sale

In San Francisco electric cigarette should be in the future only with approval from the US health authorities. The city wants to prevent that more and more young people become nicotine-dependent. Traditional cigarettes remain on the shelves.

As the first large U.S. city of San Francisco prohibits, in fact, the sale of E-cigarettes. The Parliament of the Californian city decided on Tuesday unanimously adopted a decree, according to which electric cigarettes may only be sold, if you have an approval from the US health authorities. This is, as yet, no E-cigarette case. The ban applies to the sale in the shops and over the Internet.

The mayor wants to protect young people

Mayor London Breed has announced that the adoption of sign. "We must act to protect the health of the youth of San Francisco and to prevent the next Generation of residents of San Francisco wird&quot dependent on these products;, she explained on Tuesday. She accused E-cigarette manufacturers, with their advertising on young people as the target, and to make them of nicotine products.

Electric cigarettes have gained in the United States – as in many other countries, in the past few years, tremendous popularity. According to estimates, about 3.6 million students in the United States to E-cigarettes, in which nicotine-containing liquid is evaporated.

Health dangers of E-cigarettes subject to little research

The authorities view the Trend with concern, especially since so far little is known about the health hazards known. However, E-cigarettes are considered to be significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Supporters of E-cigarettes argue that they could help smokers from tobacco addiction.

Traditional cigarettes still available

The "Los Angeles Times" highlighted in an editorial that the sale of traditional cigarettes in San Francisco remains allowed. It was a "bad Gesundheitspolitik", harder against the less hazardous product act.