Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Tricks from the pharmacist: tablets swallowing easier

Many people do, sometimes, hard tablets, or capsules swallow. Pharmacist know simple Tricks on how to do this better. Often, young people don’t have to swallow even more problems when Tablets than older ones, because they are accustomed to. The drugs break down, patients with a lot of ideas: drink more water, crush or open […]

How to Tell if Fear of Commitment Is Ruining Your Dating Life

Buzz. You pick up your phone to a new message. “Hey babe, can we talk when you’re free?” Your chest gets tight. Your body goes cold. You realize you should have seen this coming. You’ve been dating this great woman for a month or two, and now she wants to DTR (translation: Define The Relationship). […]

Estimating the efficacy and cost of curative gene therapy for beta-thalassemia

Gene therapy offers the promise of a cure for beta-thalassemia and a new study has shown that it is associated with fewer complications and hospital admissions over 2 years than treatment by allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT). The study, which analyzes and compares the effectiveness and cost of gene therapy versus (HSCT) in patients […]

Good fish, bad fish? At one point the salmon is farmed better than wild salmon

It’s supposed to be wild salmon, farmed salmon from aquaculture or Pollock? The salmon in the supermarket for consumers is often confusing. Various seals such as MSC or Bio, is the shopping quickly to science. The crucial question is: Which product is recommended from a health point of view, a guarantee of reasonable living conditions? […]

The majority of drug-related deaths died of Heroin and morphine

A Trip is fatal, it is hardly a drug so frequently as in the case of Heroin. For just a few minutes of noise, the risk-based accept, as well as their physical deterioration. The drug is extremely addictive, and after two weeks consumption of physical withdrawal symptoms. In the past year, died in Germany, 1276 […]

6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Single Friends

Most people mean well. Most people just want their friends and loved ones to be happy. Most people believe that part of being happy means finding a life partner. Most people are wrong! Sure there are lots of very happy couples out there, but there are also some very happy singles! Singles who get tired […]

30, 40, 50, 60 years: the most important rules for your health

What kind of diet, how much exercise and what screening tests do I need now? We say what is important to note in which phase of life and what things you can safely forget. Smoking you should stop at the latest 34 – otherwise, the body can no longer repair the damage. From the age […]