Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019

Lavender can children Breasts grow

A new study suggests that lavender-based scent products trigger not only in boys but also in girls growth of Breasts. Fortunately, it can be stopped by the lavender scent will be banished from the environment. The researchers advise the use of such products in children. Previously, a chest was brought growth in boys with lavender-containing […]

Intensive control of blood pressure, benefits the brain

Intensive blood pressure treatment does not have an effect for at-risk patients, only a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, but also on the brain. This could help to preserve brain power in old age longer. On the basis of MRI brain scans, researchers from the U.S. institutes of Health (NIH), the blood pressure of […]

10,000 steps a day – this is the banal truth behind the myth

Small, black and inconspicuous: As the box looked, with one of my former colleagues was one of your steps. She carried the box every day, as he threw a critical look at it and proclaimed, shortly before the celebration evening, the number of steps she was gone already or still had to go. Your Goal? […]

Researchers develop two effective drugs against Ebola

In the fight against Ebola science learning is an important progress in the Democratic Republic of the Congo conducted clinical study have shown that two new drugs, the mortality rate of Ebola-reduced patients drastically, informed the US health authority, the NIH, which funded part of the study. In the 14 treatment centres in four experimental […]

Heat the summer of 2018 resulted in record Badeverboten

The heat of the summer of 2018, has led to a record number of Badeverboten because of blue-green algae blooms. In the past year, the countries reported 47 the prohibition of Bathing, due to increased volume of blue-green algae blooms – 2017, there were only 18 such bans, such as the “Tagesspiegel” (Monday edition) reported, […]

Like food waste and Obesity contribute to global warming

The intergovernmental panel on climate change IPCC released on Thursday a special report to the question of how the diet of a rapidly growing world population, the impact on the climate. The Report shows a world in which billions of people every day throw away food or waste, while hundreds of millions starve. The most […]

219 tons! So many drugs, take the German

In Germany are consumed in each year, a minimum of 219,000 kilograms of drugs. Around 600,000 people use on a daily basis prohibited means. Can ensure the authorities but far less. Consciousness-expanding agents such as cocaine, hashish or amphetamines are usually consumed in a range of a few grams. Nevertheless, many tons come together in […]

'Love Bombing' Is Ruining Dating

“The first few weeks felt amazing,” Margaux Valerie recalls of her experience with her most recent ex. “I felt loved and assured through all the compliments, attention, and spending time together.” Within six weeks of dating, he introduced her to family and friends, and he even took her on an international trip to Turks and […]

On the trail of the Superkeims

Everything started with a harmless bone fracture, but in the end, the patient was dead. In the body of the Pensioner Klebsiella had pneumoniae germs spread, all approved drugs remained ineffective. All the 26 different antibiotics were administered to Doctors, the woman – without success. The case of the United States almost three years ago […]

Airlines prepared for emergencies with sick children bad

Anyone who flies with children should carry child-friendly medicines, because airlines are not prepared, according to a recent study is often sufficient for young patients. The main problem: First-aid Kits on Board are not always on the necessary treatments for the offspring, the researchers write in a study published in the journal “Annals of Emergency […]

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