Thursday, 21 Feb 2019

A milestone in the diagnostics: New blood test to detect breast cancer quickly

A new method for the diagnosis of breast cancer detects the disease with the help of so-called biomarkers and can thus extend previously common diagnostic procedures such as mammography, ultrasound or MRI, such as the University hospital of Heidelberg and the company HeiScreen GmbH reported on Thursday. In a recent study on 500 breast cancer […]

Gene therapy durably reverses congenital deafness in mice

In collaboration with the universities of Miami, Columbia and San Francisco, scientists from the Institut Pasteur, Inserm, CNRS, Collège de France, Sorbonne University and the University of Clermont Auvergne have restored hearing in an adult mouse model of DFNB9 deafness—a hearing disorder that represents one of the most frequent cases of congenital genetic deafness. Individuals […]

Doctors oppose sale of suicide-resources for the seriously ill

The Federal chamber of physicians has positioned itself against new regulations that are to difficult to allow the sick, the purchase of drugs for self-killing. “Physicians aid in Dying, but not to Die”, – is said in the opinion for a hearing in the health Committee of the Bundestag this Wednesday. There should be an […]

Toothbrush: nucleation in the bathroom Cabinet – Healthy life

The toothbrush we take daily at least two Times in the mouth – you should be clean and free of germs. In the case of the storage of a lot of people make two big mistakes. Sabrina Nickel gives you amazing answers to the big question: what to do with the toothbrush? Sabrina Nickel on […]

Health booster ginger tea: 4 mistakes will destroy its positive effect

Runny nose, cough, fatigue, malaise: In the cold autumn time, we are again more susceptible to colds. Fortunately, there are practical home remedies to alleviate symptoms and the immune system back to the dam. Particularly effective for flu-like effects of fresh ginger tea has been proven. The sharp hot drink is anti-inflammatory in the body, […]

The sunlight that enters through the window to form Vitamin D?

Sun is missing on the skin, can make the body Vitamin D. Especially now in the Winter, many people have low Vitamin D levels. The reason is that Even if the sun is shining, it is in the local latitudes to low in the sky, to the body to stimulate its own production. In drugstores […]

Macular degeneration: 7 tips to protect eyes

In the case of AMD, age-related macular degeneration, photoreceptor cells in the retina. This can lead in the worst case, to severe visual impairment and even blindness. The reasons for this are unknown, and there is no cure yet. But some tips can help to prevent the disease or slow down. By AMD, mostly of […]

This Tinted Lip Balm Gives Chrissy Teigen Her Natural Glowy Pout

Yesterday, as celebrities were getting primped and polished before walking the red carpet at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, relatable Insta-famous mom Chrissy Teigen was getting ready for a night of… staying in. Luckily, she documented her entire (comical) skincare process for our viewing pleasure. Thanks be to Chrissy. “Welcome to my not-going-to-the-Grammys makeup tutorial,” Teigen says […]

Global suicide rate drops significantly

The global suicide mortality has decreased significantly in recent decades. Although the total number of suicides between the years of 1990 and 2016 had increased to almost seven percent to 817,000, the per year, write researchers Mohsen Naghavi of the University of Washington in Seattle in the “British Medical Journal”. However, considering the population growth […]

You can stop a stomach bypass Diabetes?

A gastric bypass for the treatment of morbid obesity results in a majority of patients after one year, to a decrease in their diabetes disease. One third of these patients the diabetes returns, however, within five years. Three out of four people with type 2 Diabetes who had received because of morbid obesity with a […]

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