Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019

A large laboratory test: How good is our tap water

How good is our tap water really is? On the one hand, drinking water is regarded in this country as the best monitored food. On the other hand, our soils are impacted by intensive agriculture, as manure and pesticides get into the groundwater. These drug residues and other undesirable substances that must be filtered out […]

One out of every four prescription drug falls through

One of four over-the-counter drugs, according to the Foundation’s test were not recommended, including known means, and many of the combination supplements with several ingredients. “Just because a drug is approved in Germany, it must not be advisable,” said Gerd Glaeske, a pharmacist at Stiftung Warentest. He warned of side effects after prolonged use, which […]

A vaccination against norovirus is coming soon?

American researchers have discovered an antibody that inhibits several strains of Norovirus. This could be an effective vaccine against the highly contagious diarrhoea pathogens to develop the trigger again and again pandemics. Noroviruses are a common cause of severe gastro-intestinal infections with diarrhea and vomiting. Almost 60 percent of all Norovirus infections back to specific […]

Broken hair how to repair your brittle hair to be healthy again

Broken hair repair: hair is dull, dry and brittle? Then it’s time for Regeneration! With these three simple Tricks the mane looks quickly back to health and cared for. This Trend is at the moment: is called very long straight hair. For a shiny Rapunzel mane à la Kim Kardashian, many women resort to hair […]

Who’s your daddy? Don’t ask a DNA test

“Man Ordered to Pay $65K in Child Support for Kid Who Isn’t His.” “Father Hopes to Change State Paternity Law” after losing custody of his biological daughter to another man. The headlines are lurid and seemingly nonsensical. How can a man bear financial responsibility for a child that is not “his”? How can he be […]

Hearing loss: How the fingers could help

A simple and inexpensive device that is worn on the fingers and language in tactile stimuli converts, to improve the hearing of hearing impaired patients with cochlear implants and also in the case of persons with normal hearing. Even without Training, an improvement was shown immediately. A new study has provided the first evidence that […]

Mice transmit Hanta-Virus: experts expect this year a lot of infections

Dusty sheds, garages or forest huts: Where Rötelmäuse feel good, it can also lurk the Hanta-Virus. According to experts, could develop this year, especially a lot of people. Dusty sheds, garages or cottages – there you can plug in several regions of Germany, with the so-called Hantavirus. “2019 is quite clearly a breakout year,” said […]

Hantavirus spreads: 2019 is quite clearly a breakout year

Where Rötelmäuse feel comfortable, lurks perhaps the pathogen: this year could become ill, according to experts in certain areas of Germany once again above average, a lot of people on the Hantavirus. “2019 is quite clearly a breakout year,” said Mirko Faber, scientists at the Robert Koch-Institute in Berlin (RKI), at the request of the […]

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