Thursday, 21 Feb 2019

Teens need frequent communication with parents to maintain youth resiliency after a divorce, study says

Texting, FaceTime and other popular communication methods among teens may help build supportive parent-youth relationships after a divorce, according to a Kansas State University family studies researcher. Mindy Markham, associate professor and associate director for Kansas State University’s School of Family Studies and Human Services; Jonathon Beckmeyer at Indiana University; and Jessica Troilo at West […]

These Epic (& Easy) Flower Crafts Will Make Any Day Springtime

Let’s face it. Winter is fun for about a week, and then it’s just… cold. You go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. The kids thought sledding was awesome until someone got snow down their pants, and now they’re going stir-crazy (which is in turn driving you crazy). Spring, with […]

The Best Kids Stuff to Buy at Target Right Now

Ah, Target. We love you so. Target is one of those places you drive past and think, “I’ll just run in and grab a gallon of milk and some diapers,” and two hours later, you emerge, cart filled to the brim, not a carton of milk or bag of diapers in sight. It’s so easy […]

The Definitive Guide to Visiting Disney World With Kids

The Definitive Guide to Visiting Disney World With Kids You know those families who go on at least one Disney vacation a year, have a detailed itinerary, and know the entire park like the palm of their hand? Well nothing except serious dedication will turn you into one of those . . . but we […]

'Baby Shark' Is Charting on Billboard — Perhaps It's the Apocalypse

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a parent will be familiar — and likely fed up — with the song “Baby Shark.” It streams from tablets and TVs seemingly all day. And now, “Baby Shark” just took the No. 32 slot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Yes, folks: The apocalypse may well be nigh. But […]

Nicole Kidman Would Have Loved Having 10 Kids With Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman is a busy woman. She recently wrapped the second season of Big Little Lies and graced the big screen in films like Destroyer, Aquaman and Boy Erased. On top of it all, Kidman remains committed to her picture-perfect relationship with Keith Urban and their two children, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Still, the stunning […]

Happy birthday, Farah Khan: How her journey through IVF was all about persistence

Happy birthday, Farah Khan: The Happy New Year director has never shied away from talking about her journey into parenthood and has openly encouraged people to undergo IVF. She had said in a statement to IANS, "IVF is a blessing…being persistent, positive and patient towards the procedure paid off. Director and choreographer Farah Khan became […]

Watch: TED talks on amazing sea creatures that glow underwater

Watch marine biologist and explorer-photographer David Gruber introduce us to a host of amazing sea creatures that inhabit the blue waters, glow in multicolour. Enter the secret universe of biofluorescent sharks, seahorses, eels and more, and see how they light up the waters. Watch these bioluminescence experts introduce us to a light show underwater with […]

Khloé Kardashian Blasts Claims That Chicago Is Not Kim Kardashian's Bio Child

When one social media commenter dared to question the DNA of Chicago West — the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — Auntie Khloé Kardashian was having none of it. On Sunday, Kim Kardashian West posted a throwback picture of herself as a baby on Instagram with the caption “Baby K.” Sister Kylie Jenner […]

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