Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Tricks for working moms to build a rapport with their kids

When possible, try to wake up your child with a big hug; it will help in building an emotional connection. Don't forget to snuggle at night. By Kanchan Mittal The very first person a child bonds with and recognises is the mother. And to keep this bonding strong there must always be conversation to maintain […]

World Earth Day 2019: ‘Air pollution doesn’t choose its victims’

World Earth Day 2019: Our bodies are incredibly complex oranisms that have evolved over 1,00,000 years to survive and adapt to the environment and excel at it. Yet, today, air pollution is destroying these amazing mechanisms like never before. By Kamal Meattle and Barun Aggarwal ‘We are moving back to Washington this week,’ wrote Gardiner […]

The Weirdest Celeb Baby Names of All Time

It’s safe to say that celebrities are often people who enjoy — or have at least come to enjoy, either by will or by force — the spotlight. More often than not, they’re also creative types, and they understand the value of appearing unique in a crowd. What do you get when you combine all […]

Can games and apps help your kids learn?

(HealthDay)—Leading health organizations are warning about the possibility of video game addiction. The World Health Organization has included it in the latest edition of its reference book of health disorders, while the American Psychiatric Association’s book offers warning signs but does not yet list it as an addiction. So parents might wonder whether any gaming […]

All I Want for Mother's Day is to Be Left Alone

When I first became a mother, nearly 15 years ago, I had Hallmark-worthy expectations for Mother’s Day. The visions that danced in my head seemed simple enough: I would be the center of attention — beginning when I was brought morning coffee in bed — while all the usual “Mom tasks” were suspended for a […]

Hottest Celeb Post-Baby Bods

Hottest Celeb Post-Baby Bods Celebrities have a way of making bouncing back look easy. But it was even hard work for Beyoncé, who started preparing for Coachella just six months after welcoming her twins Rumi and Sir in June 2017.    “I became vegan temporarily, gave up coffee, alcohol and all fruit drinks,” the Grammy winner […]

Duggar Family: Meet the Next Generation

Oh, baby! The next generation of Duggars Opens a New Window. are here and more are on the way. As Joy-Anna, Jinger and Kendra Duggar welcome their newest additions, we take a look back at all of the Duggar family Opens a New Window. babies! Garrett David Duggar “No matter how many times we’ve experienced the […]

Is maternal vaccination safe during breastfeeding?

In light of the continuing anti-vaccination movement, a provocative new article provides a comprehensive overview of the potential risks of vaccinating breastfeeding women. The article, which determined that only smallpox vaccine and, in some circumstances yellow fever vaccine, are the only vaccines having the potential to cause harm to infants, is published in Breastfeeding Medicine, […]

Hilaria Baldwin Confirms Miscarriage: "There Was No Heartbeat"

In a new Instagram post that focuses on the positive things in her life, Hilaria Baldwin confirmed that she had a miscarriage. The news comes a week after Baldwin posted that she was “most likely experiencing a miscarriage” and explained that she was being open about it in an effort to normalize the experience and […]