Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019

When liver disease affects the brain

Scientists have demonstrated how chronic liver diseases cause molecular changes in the brain. They carried out their research using the 9.4 Tesla high-magnetic-field MRI machine at the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM) at EPFL. The liver plays a vital role as a filter in the human body. But what happens when it malfunctions? A physicist […]

MRI assisted biopsies more effective at detecting prostate cancers

Using MRI scans to target biopsies is more effective at detecting prostate cancers that are likely to need treatment than standard ultrasound guided biopsies alone, according to research published in JAMA Network Open. The research, led by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Universities of Bristol, Ottawa, Exeter and Oxford, combined the results […]

Scientists zero in on atomic driver of tumor formation

Growing evidence suggests that certain types of bacteria are capable of causing colorectal cancers, indicating that a sub-set of these cancers could be the result of infectious disease. But understanding how bacteria interact in the human gut—our microbiome—has been challenging because of the complex microbial mixture of “good” and “bad” bacteria. Over a decade ago, […]

Industrial designers and biomedical engineers address needs of wounded veterans

Getting treatment for a serious injury or ailment isn’t simply a matter of taking prescribed medication or showing up for appointments on time. It’s also about the little things in between—dealing with complicated billing or insurance processes, for example, or navigating the mental toll of a physical disability that affects quality of life. Those issues […]

Study proves hepatitis C drugs reduce liver-related deaths by nearly half

A new study from the UT Southwestern Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center demonstrates that antiviral drugs for hepatitis C reduce liver-related deaths by nearly 50% in patients with a history of liver cancer. The finding builds on a December 2018 study by the same researchers who found that antiviral drugs do not increase the risk of […]

Killer cells the key to potentially life‑saving cancer vaccines

“I’ll be honest, when I first started working on this I didn’t fully accept it.” That’s Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis, head of the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, discussing his groundbreaking research on natural killer cells that was published in the leading journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “I’m a traditionally trained immunologist; I […]

Implantable 3-D blastocyst-like embryonic structure generated from mouse stem cells

An international collaboration of researchers from the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) in Japan and Gladstone Institutes in the U.S. have generated 3-D blastocyst-like structures from stem cells. Published in the journal Stem Cell Reports, the study shows that the blastocyst-like structures very closely resemble actual blastocysts, and even induce proper changes in […]

New hormone injection aids weight loss in obese patients

An injection has helped reduce body weight and glucose levels in patients with diabetes and obesity in four weeks. The findings came from a small study in which patients lost on average 4.4kg and the treatment led to substantial improvements to their blood glucose, with some patients’ reducing to near-normal levels. Obesity is a common […]

A prescription for exercise

Richard Carpenter, 75, was going through the mail one day last year when he saw a postcard from UCI seeking participants for a study on whether exercise can help with age-related memory loss. “I almost put it into the recycle pile,” Carpenter says. “But I mentioned it to my wife, and she said ‘Wait!’ She […]

Overweight, obesity may up early mortality risk in pediatric ALL

(HealthDay)—For Mexican children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), overweight and obesity are predictors of early mortality, according to a study published online July 18 in BMC Cancer. Juan Carlos Núñez-Enríquez, M.D., from the UMAE Hospital de Pediatría in Mexico City, and colleagues conducted a multicenter cohort study involving 1,070 children younger than 15 years old […]

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