Monday, 19 Aug 2019

Sperm DNA damage may contribute to repeated miscarriages

Some cases of recurrent pregnancy loss may be caused by sperm DNA damage in the male partner, rather than by a problem in affected women, according to research to be presented Sunday, March 24 at ENDO 2019, the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in New Orleans, La. Between 1 and 2 percent of couples have recurrent […]

Date unknown: the mystery of the healthy heart is in the intestinal flora

Does the gut microbiome on the health of the heart? When people get older, they stiffen over time, your blood vessels in a natural way. This increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. Researchers wanted to find out now why this stiffening of the blood vessels occurs. They found that changes in the gut multiple with […]

Regular Drinking of honey water helps with weight loss and against diseases

A daily glass of honey water helps you lose weight and health complaints Various studies showed that a daily drunk glass of hot honey water the health. However, it has to be really consumed regularly on an empty stomach. The show’s current investigations. Honey for health complaints Honey is in many German popular. On average, […]

So diet failures to avoid: These six questions are in front of the Slimming

Are you ready to lose weight? A diet can achieve unsatisfactory results. The dreaded yo-yo effect can, for example, ensure that you weigh a few weeks after the diet more than previously. Nutrition experts advise, therefore, to be in front of a diet, realistic goals and their own Motivation in the Clear. With these six […]

Bloating in women can also be a Symptom for cancer

A inflated tummy can be a sign of cancer If women suffer repeated at a bloating, can hide behind the discomfort, also a serious medical condition. In addition to intolerances, intestinal suffering, lack of exercise or mental health problems, too, can be a cancer cause. Bloating can be a sign of cancer That gets you […]

Terminally ill boy is sent thousands of animal videos to cheer him up

Terminally-ill boy, 11, who loves dogs is sent hundreds of cute animal videos from as far away as Alaska to make him happy in his last days Harvey Hawkins is in end of life care due to gut failure and 30 other issues A viral social media post has led to well-wishes from Australia to […]

Depression in 20s linked to memory loss in 50s

A new large-scale longitudinal study carried out by University of Sussex psychologists has found a clear link between episodes of depression and anxiety experienced by adults in their twenties, thirties and forties, with a decrease in memory function by the time they are in their fifties. The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, […]

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