Monday, 9 Dec 2019

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Best supplements for cholesterol: The fruit supplement proven to lower cholesterol

High cholesterol is when a person has too much of a fatty substance, known as cholesterol, in the blood. It’s mainly caused by a poor diet, not exercising enough and being overweight, but can be lowered through some simple lifestyle changes. READ MORE Type 2 diabetes: The Ayurvedic supplement proven to lower blood sugar Eating […]

Mum loses four stone so she can 'be the legs' for her disabled son

Joanne Grimshaw, 35, was unable to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath. But when she discovered that her son Ellis, two, is unlikely to ever be able to walk, she knew it was time to make a change. She has now lost four stone after vowing to ‘be the legs’ […]

'I lost all feeling in one side of my body at 28 – but MS won't stop my fight'

Trishna Bharadia has always loved sport – but when she started experiencing scary symptoms in her 20s she was terrified she might lose the ability to be active. ‘I first knew something was wrong in 2007 when I lost the feeling down the side of my body,’ Trishna tells ‘However, it wasn’t until May […]

The weight Balance

Finally lose weight and exercise more – this NeujahrsvorsäParking is in German each year, far ahead of the others. However, most of keep your Vorsätze not change until the end of January by. The Diät-Advisor, gathering dust in a Bücher-in closet, and the gym has seen the Index more. Because the high-sounding Pläne to the […]

What Every Woman Should Know About Her Thyroid Gland

Your heart and brain get all the attention, but your thyroid—that butterfly-shaped gland situated below your voice box and above your collarbone—is the true unsung hero of your body. It produces two main hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), that travel in your bloodstream, influencing physiological functions from head to toe. “Every cell in your body needs […]

Dementia: A new drug has reversed the condition for the first time

Dementia has been reversed for the first time with a drug that reduces brain inflammation, say scientists. They hope that any drugs developed can also help after stroke, concussion or traumatic brain injury. In experiments, senile mice were better able to learn new tasks becoming almost as adept as those half their age. Experts are […]

Diabetes before or during pregnancy linked to early heart disease in children

Children of mothers with diabetes have increased rates of early onset cardiovascular disease or CVD (conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels) from childhood up to the age of 40, finds a study from Denmark published by The BMJ today. The increased rates were more pronounced among children of mothers with a history of CVD […]

Scientists develop a 'monthly' birth control that slowly releases dose

A new monthly birth control pill that slowly releases hormones over 29 days could replace the daily doses taken by millions of women worldwide Unintended pregnancy is a major public health issue that costs the US $21 billion a year  Women bear the brunt of preventing it, with nearly 65% preferring to take daily oral […]

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