Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019

Cosmetic Valley Celebrates 25th Anniversary at French Finance Ministry

PARIS – Cosmetic Valley, a concentration of beauty companies based in the region of France near Chartres and Orléans, celebrated its 25th anniversary at the French Finance Ministry on Thursday. “Our competitive cluster is a place of work, training, export, and support,” said Marc-Antoine Jamet, president of Cosmetic Valley, in an opening address. “It allows […]

EXCLUSIVE: Cannabis Business Canopy Growth Acquires This Works

Canopy Growth Corp. has acquired beauty business This Works for 43 million pounds. The London-based This Works makes a range of natural skin-care and sleep products, including Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum and Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil. This Works has been backed by private equity firm Tengram Capital Partners since 2015, […]

Norma Kamali Revives Wellness Brand for a New Generation

Acupuncture, juicing, meditation — Norma Kamali has been a proponent of the tenets of modern wellness culture long before they went mainstream. In 2001, she opened a wellness café in the basement of her West 56th Street showroom, selling things like Liquiteria juices, holistic toothpaste and her own line of personal-care products and olive oils. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Gucci Poised for Lipstick Drop

PARIS — Gucci is about to become even more colorful, with the launch of a lipstick line conceived by the brand’s creative director Alessandro Michele, which is due out starting this week. “Makeup is something poetic and fleeting that you can add to your face, changing or highlighting something about yourself,” said Michele. “I find […]

Michelle Pfeiffer on Henry Rose, Her New Line of Fine Fragrances

Michelle Pfeiffer is paving a new route in the celebrity fragrance world. The actress has been quietly working for the past seven years on a line of fine fragrances that complies with the Environmental Working Group's strictest health and safety standards. The line, Henry Rose, debuts today with a five-scent range, making it the first […]

High Traffic Drives Higher Sales for Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty Inc. posted continued gains in sales and earnings for its fourth fiscal quarter. For the quarter, net sales were up 9.7 percent year-over-year to $2.1 billion, with net income up 3.1 percent to $214.7 million. E-commerce sales were up 25.1 percent in the quarter. Salon sales increased 4.7 percent to $77.2 million. "This […]

The Hidden Danger of Yo-Yo Dieting You Need to Know About

It’s a scenario so many women can relate to: You succeed at losing weight, only to gain it back six months later. You shed the pounds again, but they return…and the cycle continues. This up-and-down routine is the definition of yo-yo dieting, and as a new study shows, the term isn’t reserved only for people who yo-yo drastic amounts of […]

The 15-Minute Weight-Loss Trick That's Backed by Science

If someone told you keep track of every single thing you eat while you’re on a weight-loss plan, the first thing to pop into your head would probably be, I do not have time for that. Well, you might want to think again. Turns out, people who log what they eat for just a few minutes every day are the ones […]

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