Taiwan’s traditional medicine stores struggle on life support

Traditional medicine store owner Gu Cheng-pu knows her dispensary can only stay open as

Important study: for this reason, Green tea is non-carbonated bottled water even healthier

So you make your green tea even healthier Green tea is a drink which

Gene therapy promotes nerve regeneration

Researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN) and the Leiden University Medical Center

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68,000 Pounds of Frozen Chicken Nuggets Recalled Because They May Contain Wood Pieces

More than 68,000 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets are being recalled because they may

Perdue recalls chicken nuggets due to wood contamination

Perdue is recalling more than 68,000 pounds (30,844 kilograms) of chicken nuggets because they

Bone broth promotes health?

Supporters of the new health trends, claim that Drinking bone broth fights inflammation, relieves

Pain-Rhythm Disorder

Pain-CoachingPain-Rhythm Disorder MIRROR KNOW has developed an eight-week Coaching for people with chronic pain,

World Trade Center responders at increased risk for head and neck cancers: 9/11 first responders’ health still threatened from exposure at deadly attack, study finds

A Rutgers study has found a significant increase in head and neck cancers among

New hope for stem cell approach to treating diabetes: Insulin-producing cells more responsive to fluctuating glucose levels

Scientists working to develop more effective treatments for diabetes are turning to stem cells.